Ah, the dreaded situationship. We've all been there. You're seeing someone for months, you think you're heading for a relationship, and then it just...fizzles.

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Maybe you just slowly stop talking, maybe you bring up "the talk" only to be brutally rejected. Either way, it's never fun. 

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I want to spare you those horrible feelings. If you're currently having the "what are we?!" dilemma, here are some key signs to look out for. 

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1. Their friends don't know about you. 

If they were excited about you, they would want you to meet their friends or at the very least, tell them about you.

2. They don't make an effort to see you.

Sure, they'll hang out with you when it's convenient. But if they're not consciously trying to make time for you out of their busy week, that's a bad sign.

3. They don't ask anything substantial about yourself. 

Before the relationship comes the (sometimes) fun "getting-to-know-you" period. If they're not interested in finding out more about who you are, you're probably just a hookup to them.

4. You don't feel like you can fully be yourself around them. 

If you never feel like you can fully let your guard down, maybe you guys just don't ~vibe~ in the right way.

5. You've never openly talked about your feelings towards each other. 

Have they ever even told you that they like you? Or that they enjoy spending time with you? I'm not asking for them to get all mushy, but you need to have some indication that they're in this for something other than a hookup.

6. They don't try to impress you. 

If you really like someone, you'll put in an effort to make sure that they like you. If it seems like they don't really care what you think of them, they're probably not concerned with taking the relationship to the next level.

7. They get awkward about celebrating holidays/notable events with you (Birthday, Valentine's Day, etc).

Look, I totally get that sometimes it's too early to celebrate Valentine's Day together. But in general, they should want to spend those days with you, especially if it's something that's important to you.

8. They keep aspects of their personal life hidden. 

Relationships are based on honesty. If they're not being fully open with you, they might not see you as someone they want to share personal issues with.

9. You're always the one to reach out first. 

This one is a dead giveaway. A relationship is a two way street, people!

11. They take a long time to reply to your texts. 

I'm not talking minutes or even an hour. But if half a day goes by with no reply, it's kinda a warning that they're not making you a priority.

12. They only try to see you on weekends. 

Do they only want to see you when they're out? You might just be a bootycall.

13. They avoid all conversations about future plans.

If they won't even make plans to go to the Jays game in three weeks with you, they're not envisioning a future. End it now!

14. He doesn't want to meet your friends

Someone who is super into you should WANT to meet the important people in your life.

15. They won't post anything with you in it on social media. 

I'm not talking about a mushy Instagram. But if he avoids putting you in his Snapchat story or won't even share a measly link on your wall, you should wonder why he's so concerned about other people seeing that stuff.