Bandwagon fans are intrinsic to any professional sport. The moment your team starts to win everybody who couldn't be bothered to learn the rules pull out their jerseys, wear the colours, and cheer with more pomp than the most loyal fans.

So here we are in Toronto nearing the end of a spectacular season of Blue Jays baseball. The post season is looking good for all the right reasons, and guess what? The Rogers Centre is selling out. Where were all these people last year? They sure weren't watching the Leafs.

Love it or hate it, the more we win the more fans come out of the woodwork. For those of you who fit the bill, don't think we're oblivious to it. We can see you!

Here's 15 observations on how you stick out like a sore thumb.

Photo Cred - Nelle Creations

1. The 500 Level Becomes An Old Navy Marketing Campaign

You JUST started paying attention to baseball so the best seats that are left for the big series against the Yankees are the nosebleeds. This kind of foresight goes hand in hand with the process of buying gear. Why spend a few hundred bucks on a jersey when you can pick up a shirt with the logo on the cheap at Old Navy. Too bad you ALL had the same idea.

2. Hockey Traditions Apparently Apply to Baseball

Edwin Encarnacion really rubbed it in against the Detroit Tigers by racking up three dingers. Now as awesome as that is, he was pretty confused when it started raining hats. A hat trick doesn't exist in baseball. But it's cute. Stay classy Toronto bandwagoners!

3. You Have No Idea How The Playoffs Work

Someone asks about your thoughts concerning the approaching post season. You go blank like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming SUV, "Uh, well, the wildcard spot should be something...and then, we'll win the Cup, right?"

4. You're Not Paying Attention

It happens more than you think. You're on your phone bragging on Instagram as a foul ball comes your way. For those of you who sit close to the diamond for the first time there's one big ground rule to know (which actually applies anywhere in the stadium). Be aware of your surroundings!

Also be prepared to tell the difference between a baseball bat and the ball. That knowledge might come in handy sometime.

5. You Believe The Game Is Over At The 7th Inning Stretch

That speaks it for itself.

6. You Think The Expos Still Exist

You're having the time of your life watching Tulo hit it out of the park. You notice the woman beside you is wearing an Expos hat and say, "Oh I can't wait to see the Jays beat your team next series!"

Photo Cred - Sportsnet

7. You're Chanting "Tulo" And Have No Clue Why

We've got a new chant here in Toronto honouring one of the newer and important additions to the team: Troy Tulowitzki. You're chanting for's not a spin-off of "Olé"

8. The Price Is Wrong

Every time you hear someone talk about David Price you think of this guy. God help you if you get into a real conversation about it.

9. You mistake BP For Boston Pizza

Batting practice. But pizza is good too.

10. You Remember Bautista Because Of Booster Juice

You've recognized him from the posters. All you needed to know is that he racks up a lot of points and reps booster juice. @#1fanbautista4ever!

11. You MacGyver Up Your Old Clothes

Every bandwagon fan has to be relatively industrious. It's not easy pretending. Ten points for creativity.

Photo Cred - The Star

12. You LOVE The Wave

You have a few, let loose, get loud and crazy, and imagine you're that beacon of shining hope that will be the clutch inspiration the Jays need to bring 'er home. Right? Well, a lot of people get annoyed and find it distracting when folks try to get the wave moving during moments such as when the game is close, when there's a pitch going on, or even during a post season game! Keep that energy for a good run.

13. You Are Way Too Intense

It's a roller coaster of feels. You end up being the loudest one in the general vicinity, visibly upset for each strike out and full-out ecstatic for each run. Everyone's rolling their eyes at you.

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14. You Become An Analyst

Probably one of the most complicated games in sports becomes super simple and you're very vocal about it. You sound off on all the stats and slang like nobodies business mixing it all up together, making no sense, and getting funny looks from the real fans who probably nod and agree just to humour you.

15. You're Never Alone

If there's one good thing about being on the bandwagon, it's that you're not the only one. Scores, droves, groups of people will show up ready to party...even our very own Prime Minister! We're pretty sure he's more into hockey, but hey, that's an interesting person to be leading the bandwagon!

At the end of the day there's no shame in getting excited about something new. Now is a great time to become a fan and enjoy the electric buzz that takes over Toronto whenever our home team is winning.

We know who you are anyways, might as well embrace it some more.

Go Jays Go!