Ladies, we’ve all encountered him at one point in our lives or another. You know, the  mid-20’s good-looking guy who’s too high on life to care about any of your emotions and is only concerned about is the next girl he’s going to hookup with? Yeah well, there’s a name for him…

The typical Toronto player. Ah yes, him. I’m sure you’ve thought about someone in your head just now because odds are, you know him, have known him, or even worse, have dated him. And for those of you that don’t know him, stay away because he is dangerous. Personally, I wouldn’t suggest you trust your Toronto bae and here’s 15 signs that should send you running:

1. He’s over 20 years old and goes out clubbing to Tequila Jack’s or Cube with his buddies.

It’s pretty well know that the girls that go to these clubs are no older than 20 and are still in their crazy party stage. He tells you that he's going to have a boys night but what makes you think he isn't going there to pick up other chicks?

2. You're not the only girl he texted "EFS tonight?"

You think he’s about to ask you to be his plus one... but he’s only asking you because he's hoping you'll bring some of your girls for his buddies.

3. His favourite song is "Hotline Bling" by Drake.

He’s a huge Drake fan because he's from the 6ix but this song specifically, gets him going. He sings along to it in his car as if he wrote the lyrics. I mean, who else but you used to call him on his cellphone late night when they needed his love? Hm...

4. He jumps on the Bluejay's bandwagon just as they're winning.

The Blue Jay's are finally making it to the playoffs since 1993 and you notice his sudden interest in wanting to get the best seats at the Rogers Centre to watch their games. Even though just last Sunday, he was telling you that he was so excited for the Dallas Cowboys football game tickets he pre-bought. If he can’t choose a sports team, what makes you think he can choose just one girl?

5. He takes you to O.Noir for dinner.

Players think ahead. He takes you for a so-called "romantic dinner" at O.Noir only so that no one will see you two there.

6. He spends more money drinking at Lost and Found than he actually makes.

Any guys that spends $60 on a bottle of peach Ciroq for the pre, and then goes on to spend $500 on Jäger bombs for all his friends, can’t possibly care about his money. So, how is he going to care about you?

7. He drives his sports car down King Street.

A guy that drives a sports car and revs his engine so much that the people on the other side of King Street can here it is just as obnoxious as his car. What other reason but to show off does he drive down such a busy street?

8. He takes you out drinking at The Drake Hotel on a weekday.

You take it as him being spontaneous, because you know that he has to get up at 6:30am for work the next morning, but actually he just sees it as an easier way to hangout with you without running into other baes. $4 drinks at The Drake Hotel anyone?

9. He's always busy when you ask him to go to the Eaton Centre or Sherway Gardens Mall.

The Eaton Centre and Sherway are busy and quite obviously, popular malls. He avoids going there with you in fear that you might run into some other girls he's talking to. Can't blow his cover now can he?

10. He has connections to all your favourite bars and clubs in Toronto.

You tell him that you love The Hoxton and The Addison's just to find out that he actually knows the bouncers there and can get you line by-pass whenever you want. Clearly, someone goes out clubbing a lot.

11. He goes to Cabana Pool Bar for his buddies "bachelor party."

Let face it, everyone knows of the stunning girls that go to Cabana. No guy goes to a place like Cabana to only sit and drink with his guy friends. He's probably trying to work up a chat with the pretty girl he saw walk by.

12. He says no to going to Lakeshore with you because he's "too tired."

It's a gorgeous day out and so, you think it's a perfect day to go on a walk on Lakeshore. After working up the nerve to ask him out he tells you that he's too tired to hang out because of his long day at work. Reasonable excuse or did he make plans with another girl?

13. He invites and then disinvites you to his cottage.

It's the long weekend and everyone is leaving Toronto. He has a cottage up in Perry Sound and invites you to go with because he claims he really wants you there. Then last minute he tells you it might be awkward because his whole family is going. Little do you know that he already has another girl going up with him.

14. He's sketchy with his phone when you're at Hunters Landing for dinner together.

This is a huge red flag. If he makes sure that his cell phone screen is always facing down or he has to constantly excuse himself from the table to answer and "important" phone call be aware. It's probably not just his parents calling.

 15. You went to the CNE together but didn't take any pics.

We're all aware of the social media fights that occur because of Instagram. But what happens when you and your Toronto bae go to the CNE, have a blast, and don't have any pics to prove it? Isn't the whole point of spending crazy amounts of money on entry, greasy food, and rides to take a cute insta?! He clearly doesn't want to make it Instagram official, and there's usually a reason why.