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15 Slang Words Spoken In Toronto That Are Used In Dating And Relationships

Because cuffing season is upon us.
15 Slang Words Spoken In Toronto That Are Used In Dating And Relationships

Toronto is highly associated with a distinguished collection of slang words and quirky phrases. Such slang has become an integral part of Torontonian speech, and it continues to evolve in new and unexpected ways every day.

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But what is often acknowledged as an exclusive product of Torontonian creativity is actually an authentic Jamaican invention that also represents the very crux of West Indian heritage. There's no denying the tremendous impact of the Jamaican population on Toronto - since their arrival in the 1960s, they have weaved their fascinating culture and traditions into the colourful fabric of the city. This includes their unique West Indian lexicon, which was eventually adopted and modified by Torontonians.

Having lived in Scarborough for the majority of my life, I was fortunate enough to have had several Jamaican friends who introduced me to their amazing culture and language. By association to them, I was exposed to a variety Patois-derived slang words, and became particularly familiar with ones that are sometimes used in relationship or dating situations. While I am no expert whatsoever, here are some of the slang words I've come across over the years that you could use in your relationships, just for the fun of it:

Note: Definitions were retrieved from Urban Dictionary. Some of these slang words may have multiple uses or meanings beyond the scope of relationships and dating.


Dating but not official (not boyfriend/girlfriend)

Dude 1: "Yo is that gyal ur wifey?"

Dude 2: "Nah b we just checking"


The art of trying to get a girl or guy to go out with you; often involves an attempt to obtain one's digits

"Bare mans tryna chop me right now at STC"


A state beyond "checking" but still not official; both individuals like each other and there is potential for a relationship

"We're not together, we're just dealing"


Describes a fit individual with huge muscles on various parts of his or her body

(Can be used to compliment your partner)

Girl 1: "Peep the mandems in that foreign over there"

Girl 2: "Wow they all deezed AF"


A player; a male who has a way with the ladies

"Jade Ashley? Rarrr you know he gets nuff girls, he a proper Gyallis!"

Dime piece

An extremely attractive girl; a 10/10

"Ya gotta be a dime piece just to look at the rocks in my time piece"

Don’t cheese me

A cautionary statement warning individuals not to do anything that may be upsetting

(Can be used to warn your partner not to do anything that would make you angry)

"Dooon't cheese me rn... Pick a place to eat or else we're getting Wendy's"


A girl; female

"Look ah de gyal dem sexxxy"

Nize it

A snarky way of asking someone to shut up

(Can be used in situations when your partner is being obnoxious)

Person 1: “Boyyy you on dat PS3 too much”

Person 2: “NIZE it”


A very promiscuous girl with a known tendency of "sleeping around"

(Can be used as a reminder for your partner regarding what not to do)

"We're just on a break... Jessica better not be on dat sludem tip"


A backstabber (noun); the act of backstabbing someone (verb)

(Can be used as a reminder for your partner regarding what not to do)

Girl 1: Shh dont tell Tyrone but I'm cheating

Girl 2: Haha shame I'm telling!

Girl 1: Ur such a snake lol


A cute and sweet guy; a pretty boy that all the ladies swoon over

"That sweeterman would go nice with my tea"


Denotes from the heart; telling the truth

(Can be used when flirting or when defending oneself against your partner's accusations of you)

"Top left, you a rare sweetie"


Someone who you aren't necessarily dating but have fun with while you are single

Girl 1: You and Tony getting serious huh?

Girl 2: Nah he's just a ting for the summer

Girl 1: Ah lie lol


The act of "picking up" a girl or guy

"I been wheeling Susan since tiiiime bro"

There's a lot more slang words that could apply to this list. Do you know any others?

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