If you're reading this, you're probably in the friend zone right now, and I'm here to tell you that while it seems like you'll never get out of there, you've still got a chance! If you are looking to take your friendship to the next level but want to do something more than just telling them how you feel, we've got a list of places that are perfect for you!

So get ready to let your feelings show and set up a date at one of these spots for the best opportunity to get yourself out of the dreaded friend zone! 

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Pumpkin picking at Whittamores Farm // 8110 Steelers Ave E 

Who cares if it's still warm out? It's September so it's officially spooky season Fall in my eyes. Pumpkin picking is one of the cutest date ideas ever, and your crush will definitely enjoy it!

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Nightmare on Dundas Street // AGO (Starts October 6th). 

Nothing brings people together more than a scary movie in my eyes, and with the AGO hosting a full on scary movie marathon, you've got the perfect venue to get scared shitless!

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Snakes and Lattes // 489 College St 

Board games and lattes? That's all kinds of adorable and the quaint ambiance inside provides the perfect setting for you to tell your crush how you feel!

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Bowling at The Ballroom Bowl. // 145 John St 

Bowling is a fun date in general, but especially so if you are having trouble outright letting your crush know how you feel. Just slide a little ~here, let me help you with your bowling form~ action and I'm sure they'll take the hint.

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Drinks and shuffleboard at Track & Field. // 860 College St 

Activity based dates are great for the whole "trying to get out of the friendzone" circumstance because it can help ease your nerves and can bring out some competitive/flirty banter between you two!

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Catching the sunset at Chester Hill Lookout. 

Go the whole nine yards, make a picnic or plan to order UberEats while you watch the sun set and just chill out (then tell them how you feel!!)

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Legends of Horror at Casa Loma // 1 Austin Terrace

What's better than scary movies? A haunted house! You and your crush will definitely get closer by the end of this date (I mean that quite literally).

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Visiting the animals at High Park Zoo // Deer Pen Rd. 

Who doesn't love animals?! Possibly pair a stroll through the zoo with a cute picnic date and you've got yourself the perfect day!

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Strolling through Distillery District.

It doesn't have to be Christmas season for Distillery to be the perfect place to go on a date (that the other person isn't aware is one.. yet). Grab some tacos, stroll around the area and maybe conveniently stop by the heart lock wall!

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Checking out a drive In // 2332 Ninth Line 

I'm pretty sure any girl or guy on the planet would pick up on the fact that a drive in = a date. So if you want to ask someone out but are seriously freaking out about it, suggest going to the drive In!

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Painting at Paintlounge. // 1173 Queen St E. 

You don't have to be Van Gogh and neither does your prospective date, so don't worry! If anything, this idea is even more enjoyable if you are both absolute garbage at painting because you can spend the whole time laughing!

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Ping Pong at Spin. // 461 King St W 

If you and your crush love a good competition, take them to Spin! The ping pong bar is great for building a flirty rivalry and taking your friendship to the next level!

Dinner at The Chase // 10 Temperance St 

If you want to take your crush out for dinner but want to make it special, look no further than The Chase! The spot is the best for seafood in the city and has a very romantic ambiance regardless of whether you sit on the patio or outside!

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Grab a drink at Nightowl. // 647 College St 

Nobody has ever said a good relationship is founded on adorable bars but I'm saying it now because a drink date at Nightowl is the cutest thing ever.