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15 Struggles Of Living In The GTA While Going To University In The City

Group projects are your worst nightmare.
15 Struggles Of Living In The GTA While Going To University In The City

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We've established several times that Toronto has a lot of great academia to offer the world but it is also an expensive damn place to live and let's face it, some of us just aren't ready to leave the comfort of the GTA. Some students opt to stay at home or get a place outside of the city in an effort to save some money.

Being a University student is tough enough as it is- the intense pressure, the caffeine overdoses and all the late nights. Being a commuter has some added stress that sometimes seem to outweigh the benefits.

1. Getting an e-mail that class was cancelled, when you're already on your way

Let's be real, it doesn't happen often but when it does, holy shit, does it hurt your heart. You've already spent the money on the commute, or used the gas, you don't have another class for hours and now you don't even know what to do with yourself.

2. The Go Train costs more than your monthly car payments

Think about it, seriously. Go Train commutes are only getting more and more expensive, soon you'll be able to buy a luxury vehicle with all of the money you've pumped into the commute.

3. You are a legitimate bag lady/man

You feel like your carrying your life around in a series of varying sized bags. Forget needing to bring anything oddly shaped or heavier than 5 pounds to school with you. "I like using a pen and paper instead of my laptop, I swear."

4. You rarely take advantage of your school's gym

Even though you pay for it in your insanely high tuition fees, you cannot bring yourself to pack yet another bag with gym clothes.

5. Making the daily decision between driving or taking transit

Traffic or TTC delays? Which will make me less insane and/or late today?

6. Bringing your food from home isn't worth the extra baggage

Oh forget it, you'll just buy something if you get hungry, which you do, often.

7. Having plans to go out after class requires so much preparation

When your friends want to get together for dinner or drinks after class and you've go to now decide if you'll just wear your night out clothes to class all day or pack yet another bag with a change of clothes, #FirstWorldProblems.

8. Any class that falls before 10am is not happening

8 or 9 am courses would require you to get up long before the sun and that just isn't good for anyone.

9. Building the perfect commute playlist

Whether taking your car or transit, the perfect commuter playlist can make or break your entire day. It needs to be a healthy mix of upbeat, wake-me-up before class beats and fight-road-rage tunes.

10. You don't get home until long after your last class ends

If you're last class runs until 9pm, we're praying for you.

11. You can't nap between classes

When your non-commuter friends share their love for long breaks between classes with you "Yeah, it's great I get to just go home, make some lunch, maybe catch a quick nap" You contemplate how long you'd get for manslaughter.

12. You can't be as spontaneous as you might like

Before you have a full day of classes and, last minute, your friends invite you to grab brunch with them, you can't because you would've had to leave your house 2 hours ago.

13. Group projects are your worst nightmare

When the syllabus includes a group project you seriously have to reconsider.

14. The money you save living at home gets spent on commuting

All the glorious dolla' dolla' bills you think you're stacking up from living at home are shrinking quicker than you even realize.

15. You have to wake up at least an hour before everyone else

Missing out on valuable extra minutes of sleep... is there any bigger struggle for a student?

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