15 Things Only Torontonians Think Are Normal

But who really wants to be normal anyway?

Have you ever wondered if the things you consider to be normal would seem completely insane to another person? They probably are.

And if you’re from Toronto, there are at least 15 things we can think of that seem normal from the inside, but probably pretty strange from the outside. 

1. Renaming our city after a single number from its area code.

No, we don't think it's weird. And no, it's not confusing. Why? Because we're obviously amazing enough to have monopolized a single digit number, not to mention - most of Drake's music.

2. Having hundreds of pictures with and of the C.N. Tower.

But never having actually been inside. That's tourist territory. You aren't sucked in by the '360' restaurant, because you know that number primarily refers to the average price of a meal there.

3. Praising brunch over everything.

You would too, if you had our selection. Seriously, if you want to find me thanking God on a Sunday morning, check the local diner first.

Photo cred - weheartit

4. Investing a LOT of money in winter coats.

Toronto is cold, but it's also trendy. So don't go thinking we'll sacrifice fashion in the winter. Because our winter lasts a LONG TIME.

5. Having super hot summers follow our notoriously cold winters.

Even though our winters are long, we aren't surprised when our climate matches Mexico's in the summer. Torontonians are prepared for anything from 30° to -30°. Tourists, on the other hand, are not.

6. Pronouncing it wrong.

And yet, a Torontonian saying "Turonno" will always be more right than any American who tries to correct our unarticulated O's and T's.

7. Spending $400.00 on a Raptor's game ticket when you don't even care about basketball.

Just on the off-chance you might spot Drake. Pictured above is how I envision him spotting me #wayup in the nosebleeds.

8. Being willing to wait several hours in frigid Toronto weather just for a slice of Uncle Tetsu's Japanese Cheesecake.

If you noticed the photo credit, you'll know that this picture isn't actually from Toronto, but China- where the line up often extends to.

Photo cred - happy or hungry

9. Spending your weekend at BATL Axe Throw or Archery District.

Unless you're seriously out of the loop, you've tried or at least heard of these wild new activities. But what you might not be aware of is that these businesses were born in Toronto, and are still exclusive to southern Ontario. Which means that the rest of the world must think we're either insane, or training for the Hunger Games.

10. Treating Patio Season like the be all and end all.

It being so brief makes it that much more precious to us.

11. Supporting teams that always lose.

We are voluntarily and inevitably let down, and we'll never get used to it.

12. Having a (probably ugly) designated "going-out" jacket.

Because we'll never let weather or the prospect of theft stand in the way of a good time.

Photo cred - UpSlope

13. Spending 20 bucks on foods that we could get elsewhere for 2.

Gourmet burgers, gourmet hot dogs, what's next? Gourmet chicken nuggets???? *secretly hopes so*

14. Spending 3/4 of your paycheque on rent.

There's quite literally a big price to pay if you want to live in the greatest city on earth.

15. Having a bucket list that mostly consists of places that you're dying to eat at.

Check some of ours out here.

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