Embarrassment can be lurking around every corner of this enormous city. Accidental eye contact with the wrong person at the wrong time can launch you into a state of discomfort that will haunt you all day. We've compiled a collection of the 15 most likely scenarios you'll be faced with this month in Toronto that will undoubtably put you on edge. You don't have to be an introvert to cringe over this list of uncomfortable TO encounters:

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1. Making Eye Contact With Petition Recruiters On Dundas Square

Music up, head down.

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 2. Spotting An Ex At The Hoxton

There is absolutely no where to hide.

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3. A Dinner Date At O.Noir

Dinning in the dark seemed like a great way to compensate for your fear of people watching you eat... until you realize you actually have to dine in the dark.

4. Being Stopped & Questioned By CTV News

Lest we forget the anxiety ridden days of MTV Live's spontaneous street interviews.

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5. Accidentally Holding A Stranger's Hand On The TTC

Actually, anything pertaining to TTC etiquette is usually cringe worthy.

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6. Realizing An Old Tinder Match Is Now Your TA

...And having to continue to share the embarrassment for the rest of the term.

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7. Getting Lost In PATH During Rush Hour

You'd rather be trampled to death than ask a speed-walking Bay St. tycoon for directions.

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8. Being Forced To Serve A Prof At Work 

Talk about student struggles. Just pray to God they don't make a joke about paying your tuition when they tip you.

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9. Being Unexpectedly Featured On The Air Canada Centre's Jumbotron

Just chug your $10 beer and hope no one you know is watching at home.

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10. Getting Caught In A Conversation About Political Policies You Know Nothing About

Has marijuana been legalized yet...?

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11. Running Into Old High School Acquaintances At Union Station

....And for then some reason they think it's okay to sit beside you for your entire trip on the GO?

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12. Visiting Friends That Underestimate How Much Of A Homebody You Are

"Toronto has an incredible nightlife. I'm just not sure when, where, or why I would go to find it."

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13. Not Knowing Whether Or Not You're Splitting The Bill When Your Waiter Asks

Your mind is immediately overwhelmed with questions.

"Was this even a date?"

"Are guys still paying for dates in 2015, or is that sexist now??"

"Why the f*ck did I suggest a restaurant that serves $18 salads?"

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14. Nathan Phillips Square... After November 30th

Once the infamous ice skating rink opens you have no where to hide from herds of rampant young children and PDA-enthused couples.

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15. The Holiday Donation Stands That Will Soon Flood The Eaton Centre

"Sorry, but I honestly can't afford to be a good person at this stage in my life."