15 Things You Can Expect To Happen In Your Next Four Years Of University

Pay attention, freshmen.
15 Things You Can Expect To Happen In Your Next Four Years Of University

This September, several of you will soon be embarking on a new chapter in your lives - university.

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In your next four years of university, you can expect...

... To lose all concept of time.

All-nighters spent cramming, all-nighters spent partying your brains out, all-nighters for no reason - your sleeping schedule will become nonexistent.

... To develop some bad eating habits.

Prepare yourself for four years of instant noodles, beer, pizza, take-out, and, most importantly, coffee. Lots of coffee.

... To spend a fortune on textbooks you'll probably never even use.

"Textbooks required" my ass.

... To have to deal with a troublesome roommate.

Unless you're end up being one of the lucky ones, you'll likely have to deal with at least one roommate who just totally sucks.

... To cram for a midterm or exam like your life depended on it.

You'll find out exactly what stu(dying) means.

... To get homesick every now and then.

Mom's cooking will always be better than what you're having.

... To skip some classes even if you vowed to yourself that you'd never.

If you manage to have perfect attendance in university, then you must be superhuman.

... To make a few unwanted compromises.

"15% of your grade will be participation" ... Well there goes 15% of your grade.

... To see your body change in different ways.

Freshman 15, baggy eyes, shaggy hair - it happens.

... To participate in many study groups.

Surviving is less stressful when you're in the company of others who are trying to do the same.

... To learn important life hacks you'll take with you forever.

You'll be learning how to brew coffee without a coffee maker in no time.

... To take poops in public.

Shared bathrooms are a big thing in uni.

... To sleep anywhere.

On the library floor, in a lecture, on a table... You'll learn.

... To try things you've never tried before.

Join an odd club. Try out for a varsity team. Go streaking with a bunch of misfits - experimentation is part of the process.

... To make life-long friendships.

With fellow classmates, profs and so many others.

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