Ahh Senioritis has hit Western kids hard. An illness where students in their final year of university or college (with little motivation) finally realize that "adulting" is just around the corner.

Before stepping into the real world where dollar beers turn into $10 beers, it's time to take advantage of your last few weeks at University as a free-loving Western student.

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Take a walk down nostalgia lane and do all the typical UWO things to soak up being a Mustang before Amit Chakma starts calling for Alumni donations.

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1. Hookup on the 5th Floor of Weldon.

One last hoorah @ Weldon to kick-off finals season calls for a messy hookup.

2. Breakfast at Christina's Pub before it closes.

The only woman who can cure your hangover from an all-week bender. For one last time, hit it up.

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3. Run to Barney's when Mother Nature blesses us with +12 degrees.

12 degrees in March/April feels like 25 degrees in the summer. A study-tactic most Mustangs master.

4. Pay all your parking tickets from the last 4 years.

Western's tuition just wasn't enough. UWO likes to grab your money any chance they can get. Unfortunately, paying your dues is necessary for you to graduate.

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5. Jumping on the Ivey wall to take an IG that confirms you are 10x cooler than any other normal Western Grad.

We get it, you're going to be making 6 figures right out of University. Still cute tho!

6. Take one last picture at main gates.

For all you normal grads, you can still get a classic IG! Head to the Richmond entrance, and you're covered with Western's main gates.

7. Use the secret tunnels around campus.

If you didn't know about these or have never used them, it's your time to shine. 4 years too late, but it's okay.

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8. Get a purple shirt!

Even if your intramural team is the absolute worst, YOU DESERVE THAT SHIRT. Steal it if you have to.

9. Indulge in Spoke bagels while you can.

A few more Canadian Harvests with herb & garlic cream cheese will top off your Senior 17 quite nicely.

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10. Take advantage of Dollar Beers.

Sadly, dollar beers do not exist anywhere but university towns. In the real world, $1 won't get you your favourite brew. Go on a bender & drink while you can still afford your alcoholic ways.

11. Grab a slice at King Richie's after Frog.

King Richie's loves broke students. 1 large pizza plus a dip to go please! A package deal under ten bucks is ideal for a broke 4th year trying to get some drunk za.

12. Western #views from UC Tower.

How to get to the top? Make a deal with Chakma.

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13. Go to a Western sporting event.

You'll most likely leave halfway through like every HOCO game, but either way support your school for one last time. GO STANGS!

14. Kiss a '98 at the bar.

Nuff said.

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15.  Pet a goose.

They own our campus. Say a nice farewell to our real mascot. After 4 years of being terrified of the furry creatures, they deserve a nice rub down.

HAPPY GRADUATION CLASS OF 2017! You did it, congrats.