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15 Things You Should Never Say To A Ryerson Student

Ryerson University gets a lot of shade thrown its way, mostly because it's different. It isn't located in a typical university setting, its campus doesn't look like other university campuses and it has a lot of unique, specialized programs you can't find anywhere else. But as a fellow Ram, you know these are just a few of the things that make the university experience at Ryerson an unforgettable one.

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You're a true Ryerson Ram, you bleed blue and gold, you eat at the Ram in the Rye religiously, you wear the RU letters with pride - you love Ryerson. But it really bugs you when others make untrue, ill-informed comments about your school. No matter what program you're in or what year you are, all Ryerson students can agree that they hate hearing these things.

1. "Ryerson isn't a real university."

Okay, so maybe Ryerson wasn't a university right off the bat but there's nothing wrong with that. Lots of Canadian universities today started out as colleges before they were officiated into universities. It's easy for students of big-name universities to hate on former polytechnics, but Ryerson was granted full university status in 1993 and there's no looking back. So just accept the fact that Ryerson University is real and it's great.

2. "So you didn't get into U of T?"

Have you ever considered that maybe not everyone who applied to Ryerson also applied to U of T? U of T, although it is a great university, doesn't have the same opportunities for creative outlets and programs as Ryerson. U of T isn't the be-all end-all of universities. Everyone chooses which university to go to for their own reasons and chooses which will be the best fit for their needs. In some cases, that place is Ryerson, in some cases that place is U of T - both offer great things to their students.

3. "Ryerson doesn't have real programs though - they only have like arts, business and engineering."

Okay, wrong. Ryerson offers traditional university programs, such as those listed above, but it also has a lot of notable programs in the creative industries. Ryerson is a trend setter and is thus paving the way for millennials who are looking to gain a degree in something different. From journalism to acting to fashion design to film studies and more, if your wondering whether a particular interest of yours could be turned into a career, Ryerson probably has a program for it.

4. "Ryerson is comparable to a trades school."

Nope, wrong again. Ryerson is known to be a 'practical, hands-on' university, which is what makes its programs all so different and exciting. Ryerson was originally established in the 1950s as a training ground for the growing workforce of the post-war economy - showing that there once were some similarities to industrial trade work, but Ryerson has changed since then. Ryerson today is a university where you earn a degree and thus isn't equivalent to a trades school.

5. "You won't get anywhere with a degree from Ryerson."

That's just mean. Regardless, of where your university degree is from, it's still a university degree. You still spent four to five years studying day in and day out to achieve it. What does it matter if you got it from Ryerson or York or Western or Queens? Every university is unique in their own way and specializes in different programs. What matters is what you do with your degree, not the degree itself. A degree from Ryerson is something to be proud of, regardless of what others say.

6. "Your degree must have been easy then."

Uh, absolutely not. A degree is a degree no matter where you go, meaning you spend four years of your life reading, writing and studying your heart out to earn a slip of paper. Ryerson doesn't just hand out its degrees to anyone on the street; the students still have to earn their degrees. Endless hours of work go into a degree regardless of the program or university - don't hate on Ryerson just because its degrees aren't stereotypical.

7. "Ryerson is a 'last option' university."

That's rude. For some students, depending on their choice of program, Ryerson was the first and only choice for their post-secondary career. Maybe Ryerson was a last option for you and that's why you're throwing so much shade, but others take Ryerson and the opportunities it offers seriously. No matter how great a university is, someone somewhere considers it their last option, but to make that generalization about an entire university is wrong.

8. "Ryerson is actually the worst campus in university campus history."

No, Ryerson isn't like a typical university campus, but that's what makes it so great and unique. Being situated in the heart of downtown Toronto adds to the vibrance of the Ryerson campus. Ryerson students feel lucky to be right in the thick of dynamic, high-paced Toronto life. It's exciting and lively, yet convenient. Ryerson students thrive in this environment and wouldn't want their university experience to happen anywhere else.

9. "Ryerson always smells."

Okay, maybe Ryerson doesn't exactly smell like roses, but what do you expect when the campus is located in the middle of downtown Toronto? Dundas Square doesn't exactly smell great either, but that's all part of living in the urban environment of downtown. Most Ryerson students are used to the smell by now anyways. Everyone else just needs to get over it, after all, it comes with the territory.

10. "The SLC is the only nice building on campus."

Ryerson was built in the 1950's so what can you expect? The SLC opened just last year so obviously it's going to be the nicest building at Ryerson. Ryerson is also in the process of building a new health and sciences building and has other development projects in the works. Don't forget Ryerson also has the old Maple Leaf Gardens and your university doesn't, which makes Ryerson that much cooler.

11. "Ryerson students are always at Robarts and never at their own library."

So? What's the big deal? Graduate students at Ryerson have access to Robarts and have as much right as any student from U of T to use it. Ryerson students are allowed to use the resources at Robarts so what's the issue? The Ryerson Library is small and doesn't offer the same scale of texts and resources that Robarts does. Ryerson students can also admit their library isn't as pretty and feels more like a dungeon when compared to Robarts. So c'mon, sharing is caring guys.

12. "The Ram in the Rye isn't even a real pub."

If it has alcohol, it's a pub. People who hate on cheap beer are the worst kinds of people. Having a campus bar is a luxury for Ryerson students that other university students don't necessarily get to experience. Yes, it's student run and student operated, but that doesn't make it any less than other pubs. Having a bar located right across from your lecture hall is actually the best reward that could be bestowed on any uni student anywhere. At Ryerson, we're the lucky ones.

13. "Ryerson is just a bunch of hipsters."

If you consider people who like to wear layers and big scarves hipsters, then yeah sure I guess? But don't most students enjoy that kind of comfy apparel? Regardless, Ryerson is a diverse campus with ALL types of students - nerds, jocks, be proud whoever you are! Ryerson's mass of students are just like every other university's (duh). So it's silly to judge a university based on a small collection of its students.

14. "A university can't be connected to a mall and still consider itself a serious university."

Yes, it can and yes, we do. For starters, it's not just any mall it's the Eaton Centre. Say what you will about it, but shopping between lectures is pretty sweet. How else do you think Ryerson students maintain their trendy style for 8 a.m. lectures? Quick and easy access is the secret. Plus, being connected to the Eaton Centre also connects Ryerson to the subway line, which is actually extremely convenient. Take that RU haters.

15. "Ryerson students call their school 'Rye High.'"

No, we do not and neither should you. That's like referring to U of T as Degrassi High - obviously a high school is not comparable to a university or college. I don't know who started this phrase or why, but people need to remove it from their vocabulary. It's a silly nickname that's hated by all Ryerson students. Those who use the term are just jealous their university isn't as awesome as Ryerson - just ask Drake, he's a Rams fan.

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