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15 Toronto Cheap Eats For Under $15

Your wallet and stomach will thank you.

Photo cred - mellee115

We've all been there. You're stuck somewhere in the city, low on cash, and so hungry the squirrels are starting to look appetizing. Luckily you live in Toronto, where delicious, cheap food is always just around the corner. Don't worry b, Toronto's got you. And so have we. Here are some of our favourite cheap food spots.

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Mother's Dumplings

Cheap and delicious, this is hands down the best spot in the city for dumplings.

Where it's at: 421 Spadina Ave

Price range: Depending on what you choose, you can get a set of 24 dumplings from anywhere between $12 and $17, with lots of options on the lower end of the scale.

Photo cred- Michael N

El Furniture Warehouse

You'll be expected to buy alcohol, and drink prices are pretty standard, but food prices here are epic. With one set price, you can get anything from a Caesar salad to a burger with a side of fries. Don't let the low cost fool you though: the serving sizes are more than reasonable, and it all tastes pretty good!

Where it's at: 410 Bloor St W

Price range: All food items cost $4.95

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Located in Kensington Market, this is one of the best spots in the city for cheap, delicious vegan eats.

Where it's at: 238 Augusta Ave

Price range: Under $11

King Noodle

If you're into Chinese food, there's no way you won't find something here that works for you. Some of the bombest Chinese food in the city, and it's all super affordable.

Where it's at: 296 Spadina Ave

Price range: Most of their menu is under $10

Ackroyd's Fish n' Chips

What's better than some fish n' chips to warm you up on a cold day? Ackroyd's has the best bang for your buck with healthy portions and reasonable prices.

Where it's at: 2222 Queen St E

Price range: Under $15

Brock Sandwich

A one-stop sandwich shop. And it's oh so delicious.

Where it's at: 1260 Bloor St W

Price range: Under $13

Big Fat Burrito

You know it and you already love it. Big Fat owns our hearts for a reason: dope food at a cheap price.

Where it's at: 112 Dundas St W/ 529 Bloor St W/ 285 Augusta Ave

Price range: Ain't nothin' over $12

Photo cred - 54m1

Xtreme Taste

It's got that name for a reason. If you love good Mediterranean food and hate spending lots of money on it, you should probably stop by.

Where it's at: 6 Cumberland St

Price range: You'll be hard pressed to find anything over $8

The Fish Store

The perfect spot if you're looking for something quick, cheap, and delicious. Every kind of seafood sandwich imaginable can be found here.

Where it's at: 657 College St

Price range: Almost everything at under $10

Banh Mi Boys

This spot does Asian fusion like nobody's business. If you've never had one of their Korean tacos, you should probably remedy that ASAP.

Where it's at: 392 Queen Street W/ 399 Yonge St

Price range: Under $10

Leslieville Pumps

Come for their amazing brisket burgers, stay for all their other tasty treats. Come back for how nice they are to your wallet.

Where it's at: 929 Queen St E

Price range: Under $14


Pretty much an unparalleled dining experience, Faley is where you go when you're in the mood for Chinese food with an Indian twist.

Where it's at: 42 Rexdale Blvd

Price range: Under $12

Photo cred - Schnitzel Queen

Schnitzel Queen

There's no way around it, these are some of the best sandwiches you'll find for $8.

Where it's at: 237 Queen St E

Price range: Under $10


A healthy alternative to some of the greasier Indian food options in the city, and they do delivery for when you're feeling lazy.

Where it's at: 874 Yonge St/ 10 King's College Rd/ 569 Spadina Ave/ 500 University Ave

Price range: Anywere from $8 to $17, with most items sitting at $13

Seven Lives

You really can't look anywhere else for fish tacos in the downtown core. Just follow the smell of delicious when you come into Kensington Market.

Where it's at: 69 Kensington Ave

Price range: Menu changes every few days, but it rarely goes over $9

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