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15 Toronto Hair Extension Specialists That Will Give You Hair Goals

Hair extensions are a super luxurious treatment, but now a days this service has become part of the norm. Whether you want to add volume or length, hair extensions have the ability to completely change your appearance.

Choosing a method to get your locks on point can be a tad confusing because there are so many different ones available. Micro-loops, fusions, tape-ins, glue-ins, sewed-in, clip-ins... How do you know which hair extension method is perfect for you?

To help you make the right decision you have the find a hair extensions specialist. There are many hair gurus in Toronto that are fabulous at what they do, but here's a narrowed down list of 15 Toronto hair extension specialists that will give you Hair goals:

Jessica Iozzo

Jenny Dora






Remi Silva Carina Remi




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