Whether you’re here in the 6ix for your summer vacay or because it’s home for you, Toronto has something for anyone who’s going out on a date. From dimly lit speakeasies to cute cafes – and much more – this city has everything you need for the date of your dreams.

And if you don’t believe that, then just let these 15 Toronto models change your mind as they reveal their fave date spots! 

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Model: Georgie
Instagram: @georgiesswan

Favourite Date Place in the 6ix: “As a pescatarian, I can’t say ‘No’ to dinner at La Fenice! The place is a charming little Italian ristorante on King Street – one of the city’s hidden gems. Everything they serve is fresh – the head chef actually goes to local markets to pick out delicious fish and produce. So enjoying something like a linguine tutto mare here with my boyfriend is a real treat! And the ambiance is serene and romantic – great for a couple’s special night out.”

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Model: Ashley
Instagram: @TheHassard

Favourite Date Place in the 6ix: “The best part about living in a city like Toronto is all the fun to be had. From authentic Greek food on the Danforth to Crepe Cakes downtown, there are a million and one great places to eat and so many fun activities you can do. One of my all-time favourite dates happened when my boyfriend took me on a full-blown adventure across the city. We went axe throwing at BATL, we did the escape room at Casa Loma, we restaurant-hopped all through Distillery, and we tried out literally every single sweet shop along the way. To top the night off, he even chartered a plane that picked us up at the island airport and took us on a private tour around all of Toronto. As much fun as the whole day was, that was by far the highlight and left me with the most amazing memory. I mean, why just go out when you can go up!?”

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Model: Jacqueline
Instagram: @jaactaylor

Favourite Date Place in the 6ix: “My favourite place that I’ve been to on a date in the 6ix is Copacabana. It’s such a fun atmosphere and experience – the food is amazing, it’s really cool how they come around to your table with different cuts of meat so you get to try everything, the grilled pineapple is to die for. It’s super fun and exciting when the show girls/dancers come out because they have beautiful, elaborate costumes and they perform right in front of your table – so you have a great view of the show.”

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Model: Julia
Instagram: @jneedham_ (private) 

Favourite Date Place in the 6ix: “The Guild Inn Park. It’s right on the water and the old architecture and Roman pillars in the hidden park are stunning! Completely free but absolutely awesome for weddings, picnics, couple’s photos, and so on. There is a beautiful white vintage mansion and behind is a hidden garden filled with beautiful columns and sculptures. You feel like you’re walking in a Roman forum!”

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Model: Raelene
Instagram: @raelenefulford and @veganmodeleats

Favourite Date Place in the 6ix: “I’m going to give a vegan plug to Planta in Yorkville!”

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Model: Sara Dehg
Instagram: @saradehg_

Favourite Date Place in the 6ix: “Getting brunch on Sundays at Evergreen Brickworks. They have this amazing artisan market. It's fun to walk around and see all the vendors and grab a bite to eat. Also, you’re outdoors and can go for a walk through the nearby trails!”

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Model: Romy Done
Instagram: @romulusxx

Favourite Date Place in the 6ix: “Grabbing a bite to eat at any of the small cafes near the AGO (preferably Art Square Cafe and Creperie) and then heading inside the AGO to check out the exhibits. The architecture alone makes for a great experience! Afterwards, you can walk around in the newly opened park behind the AGO. If you’re feeling really adventurous, head to Queen Street to grab a drink at one of the many bars (Warehouse is a fave for their stellar cocktails!).”

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Model: Tatiana Paskovataia
Instagram: @tatiana.pasko

Favourite Date Place in the 6ix: “Casa Loma is cute for a date!”

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Model: Tetiana
Instagram: @Tetiana_cheresh

Favourite Date Place in the 6ix: “BarChef for drinks – because it has creative upscale cocktails and beautiful candlelight!”

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Model: Kalynn
Instagram: n/a

Favourite Date Place in the 6ix: “I love this little speakeasy spot in Ossington called Hanmoto. No signage or advertising. Super eclectic and NY style.”

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Model: Danielle
Instagram: @dani.doucette.xo

Favourite Date Place in the 6ix: “El Rancho for some Havana-nights-style Latin dancing. Or the Orbit Room to catch some amazing live music.”

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Model: Anastasia
Instagram: @anastasiamoss

Favourite Date Place in the 6ix: “My favorite place would be Kost!”

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Model: Dina
Instagram: @roudyrussian

Favourite Date Place in the 6ix: “I love Bar Raval. It has amazing food, a beautiful room, and amazing energy. Perfect for a date.”

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Model: Belinda
Instagram: @belindajuncaj (private) 

Favourite Date Place in the 6ix: “My boyfriend and I love going to I Fly indoor skydiving in Toronto!”

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Model: Narley
Instagram: @narleyk

Favourite Date Place in the 6ix: “When I’m in Toronto I love El Catrin! It’s in the pedestrian-only Distillery District!”

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