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15 Toronto Restaurants To Go To If You Watched "What The Health"

If you haven't watched or heard about the Netflix documentary "What The Health," I want to know what rock you are living under. To give a quick synopsis the documentary has some crazy information in favour of a vegan lifestyle as eating meat can pose some serious health risks. The documentary has gotten millions of people to switch or seriously consider making a massive lifestyle change- going vegan. So if you are looking to make the switch, check these spots out! 

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Kupfert and Kim // 100 King St W. 

Kupfert and Kim is a vegan staple in the city and for good reason! Their bowls are out of this world good and make for the perfect Instagram photo! The chain has restaurants across the city so check one out!

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Cosmic Treats // 207 Augusta Ave.

Yea, thats a vegan sundae. Cosmic Treats is another very well known spot among the Toronto vegan community. The restaurant offers breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert so you can get the whole deal here!

via @ruthtalfresh

Fresh // 326 Bloor St. W 

Fresh is another spot similar to Kupfert and Kim with their insta-worthy veggie bowls. They also have several locations and a crazy array of freshly pressed juices for you to try!

via @vh_foodventures

Doomie's // 1263 Queen St W

Doomie's is an ex-meat eater's dream. The spot offers their vegan spin on big macs, chicken and waffles and other iconic meat dishes. To many meat eater's surprise, the dishes taste not only as good as the originals, but even better!

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The Hogtown Vegan // 1056 Bloor St W 

The Hogtown is a vegan pub so it's perfect if you are craving mac and cheese or a killer burger. They also offer chilli cheese fries, "beef" sandwiches as well as some killer sangria options!

via @dmcjeff

Live Organic Food Bar // 264 Dupont 

From 7 layer dip to bacon avocado burgers, Live Organic Food Bar has it all! The spot not only offers a wide arrange of customizable salad bowls but they also host a ton of vegan burger and burrito options!

via @kitchen.grrrls

Apiecalypse Now // 735 Bloor St W 

Craving pizza? Apiecalypse Now is a vegan pizza shop in the city that does some pretty crazy spins on the classic dish, without meat and dairy of course!

via @mike.raj

Urban Herbivore // 64 Oxford St 

Urban Herbivore has some of the most extravagant food bowls in the city and they are absolutely delicious! The spot is also the mecca of "breadwiches" ranging from avacodo and "chicken" sandwiches to baked BBQ tofu!

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Feel Good Guru // 135 Tecumseth St 

Feel good guru is a great spot if you want to indulge in take out but also don't want to feel so full that you can barely walk. They make the best bowls with quinoa and veggies that satisfy your cravings while still being good for you at the same time!

via @roselortie

Awai // 2277 Bloor St West 

If you are looking for gourmet vegan cuisine, this is the spot. From mushroom paella to artichoke ravioli, this is definitely the place to go if you want premium vegan dining.

via @thefatvegan

Bloomer's // 873 Bloor St West 

Bloomer's thing is making pub food vegan, and they are really good at it. From vegan mac and cheese to their vegan reubens, the spot is an absolute must-visit.

via @stlawrencemarket

Cruda Cafe // 93 Front St 

This spot takes vegan burgers to a new level and turns the practice into an art form! Not only does their food make the perfect muse for your next insta (#vegan) but the restaurant offers other vegan staples if you aren't in the mood for a burger.

via @grasshopperrestaurant

Grasshopper Restaurant // 3080 Dundas St W 

This place has chicken un-nuggets, I feel like that's a reason in itself to make the trip to this spot. Overall though the restaurant is a great space to indulge in some vegan eats, especially their desserts!

via @uniquewellness

Ital Vital // 741 Pharmacy Ave 

If you are craving Indian food, Ital Vital is the place. The spot in Kensington specializes in vegan Indian food and it tastes incredible!

via @wang_shaoyuan

Rawlicious // 785 Bathurst St 

Rawlicious is not only a vegan restaurant, they also only serve raw food. They make some awesome sushi and salads so check it out next time you are on Bathurst!

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Tori's Bakeshop // 2188 Queen St E 

Tori's bakeshop is a great option if you want to indulge in some desserts! The shop offers a wide range of donuts, cupcakes and cakes that are all vegan- so dig in!

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