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15 Travel Destinations That Are Affordable For Canadians Even With The Low Dollar

A recent study by social psychologist Dr. Michael Brein suggests that travel is an addiction that is real and diagnosable. If such is the case, then many of us travel enthusiasts likely have dromomania, the uncontrollable psychological urge to wander.

For Canadians, the quickest fix is usually through a trip to the neighbouring lands in the south. However, with the loonie still trailing the US dollar in value, visits to America are becoming more and more expensive.

If you're a Canadian traveller looking to fulfill your wanderlust on a budget, here are 15 travel destinations that would be worth considering:

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1 CAD : 1.31 BGN

Bulgaria isn't a place that people typically consider a travel destination, but they really should. It's one of the more affordable countries to visit in Europe, and it provides the same old world charm as the many other places there. Resort towns like Varna give you the best deals, as travel packages can are often offered.

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1 CAD : 2.50 BRL

Brazil's surrounding lands offer better deals than its inner city centres. Its dropping currency allows Canadians to explore the country for relatively cheap, but it will take some research to get the best bang for your buck.

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1 CAD : 3215.25 KHR

Cambodia gives you great value for your loonie. Accommodations can go for as low as $20 a night, and standard meals can range from $5 to $10 each. Perhaps the one costly expense you'll have to deal with is the flight.

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1 CAD : 2333.75 COP

Colombia may not be the most popular travel destination due to its reputation for crime, but its conditions have improved tremendously since that stereotype was established. Cities like Bogota and Medellin are being revitalized and are cheap for Canadians to visit due to the favourable exchange rate.

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1 CAD : 4.93 HRK

Croatia is located in the Balkan region, which is one of the more affordable areas in Europe. Beautiful coast lines and charming historic towns makes it the perfect destination for those looking to combine tourism with relaxation.

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Czech Republic

1 CAD : 17.44 CZK

Czech Republic's city of Prague is a bucket list destination for many travellers because of it's vibrancy and affordability. A lower Czech currency allows Canadians to make the most out of their dollars throughout the country.

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1 CAD : 5.72 GTQ

Guatemala has several points of interest that are budget-friendly for Canadians. Tikai, a Mayan city, as well as Antigua and Lake Atitlan are all places where you'll go far with the Canadian dollar.

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1 CAD : 10,505.65 IDR

Indonesia may be more suited for backpacking, but those willing to do so will really get the most out of their money. The island country is both beautiful and affordability, with some meals costing as cheap as $2! For the total Indonesian experience, Bali is a good place to consider.

For more affordable travel destinations for Canadians, click Next.

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1 CAD : 13.98 MXN

Mexico has always been a worthy travel destination for budget-conscious Canadians. The best deals are usually bundled into packages that are offered tourist hot spots like Cancun and Tulum, but in there are also great opportunities in lesser travelled areas like Oaxaca and Chiapas.

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New Zealand

1 CAD : 1.08 NZD

New Zealand may not be the cheapest destination this list, but it's still a noteworthy mention. While flights may be pricey, there are several tour and activity packages offered in New Zealand that make it worth a Canadian's visit.

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The Philippines

1 CAD : 40.34 PHP

The Philippines is a particularly great travel destination for Canadians living in the west coast, as flights are usually cheaper from there. City areas can get pricey, but more provincial areas are very affordable, with $10 hostels and even some guest houses for $25. You could also opt for a cheap getaway package to one of the country's resort islands, like Palawan.

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South Korea

1 CAD : 894.92 KRW

South Korea can be explored on a budget of $20 to $30 a day, so long as one strays away from luxury accommodations and sticks to street food. The country is brimming with a whimsical culture that is sure to capture the interest any traveller.

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1 CAD : 26.19 THB

Thailand showcases the beauty of ancient Asia, from historic temples to untouched natural wonders. With the drop of the Thai baht to the loonie at the start of this year, the country has become a more affordable travel destination for Canadians. It is advised, however, that travellers check the security status of the country before departing, as there have been some recent issues in the area.

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1 CAD : 2.77 TRY

Turkey's currency has dropped significantly below the Canadian dollar, making it a great place to visit at the moment. The country showcases the sheer beauty of Mediterranean, from glowing coasts to historic villages.



1 CAD : 17,875.18 VND

Vietnam is yet another destination in Asia that doesn't require a huge budget to travel to. The country's beautiful islands and cozy villages can all be explored for as less than $30 a day in some areas.

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