15 Types Of People You Will Meet On The TTC Streetcar

The people who make your commute memorable.

Photo cred - Jeff Powers

Toronto's streetcars are cute and fun, unless you're running late for something and the 504 has been stuck in traffic for the past five minutes. What can also not be so cute and fun are the characters you'll meet on these streetcars- angry people who are late for work, stoned people who don't know where they are, and annoying people who have no self awareness. It's not all bad though, you'll find plenty of nice people too. Here are some the quirky types you'll meet on our lovely tramway.

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The loud ones

These guys have been sitting on a packed Queen streetcar since Osgood station, and you've learned everything there is to know about their life history because they don't seem to care that they are not alone.

The ones who refuse to move to the back

Seriously guys, move. to. the. back. It's not that complicated. A lot of people want to get on at Bathurst and College, and the streetcar isn't going to move until they do, so lets speed this along, shall we?

The ones who don't get off in time

This is just generally shitty, and it happens to everyone, so no hate. Sometimes you're trapped behind a crowd of people, sometimes you just zoned out a bit. Whatever the reason, your day just got a little more inconvenient.

Photo cred - Judy Baxter

People who chat with the driver

Every once in a while, you'll get someone on the 505, usually when it's pretty empty, who just stands near the driver and has a chat, which is absolutely lovely. I'm sure it breaks up the monotony of the driver's day a bit, and I'm sure you'll hear some fun stories- can you imagine the types of people a streetcar driver has to deal with on the daily?

The ones who open the window when it's freezing out

For the love of God, why? This is just cruel.

The one who's staring at you

Yeah, this'll happen more often than not. There's always one weird person on the streetcar who's just sitting there and staring at everyone. I have never seen them get on the streetcar, they're just there. They may have always been there.

Crying babies

I don't know what it is about streetcars that makes babies cry, but they really don't seem to like them. Research should be done about this.


Dogs are people. People who look very bored and confused on streetcars.

Photo cred - davitydave

People who have their music way too loud

Okay, yeah. If I can distinctly tell what song you're listening to from three rows away, you're doing headphones wrong.


There's so many of these guys, and they always crowd the back row of the streetcar. If it's dudes, they try to loudly out-brag each other about some crazy shit they did last weekend. If it's girls, they gossip aggressively.


They've been texting for the entire streetcar ride. The annoying thing about this is that their phone makes the same text sound as mine, so I always think someone just texted me. But no one ever texts me.

Loud chewers

A streetcar is a terrible place to loudly chew your gum. We're all trapped in this box together, so don't be a dick.

The little kid who's so excited to pull the yellow cord

It's cute, until he pulls it too early, and the streetcar stops at the wrong stop for no reason. Then the driver gets pissed, and no one likes that.

Photo cred - Melinda

Old men who loudly complain about the conductor's driving

First of all, this is pointless, because there's almost no driving involved in conducting a streetcar. Second of all, you know other people can hear you, right? What's your problem?

Tourists who are scared out of their minds

They're staring fixedly at the screen that announces the next stop. They've gone up to the front to ask if they've missed their stop five times. You just hope they can get to where they're going soon so this nightmare will end for them.

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