15 Unspoken Rules All Torontonians Should Know

Follow these and you're golden!
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15 Unspoken Rules All Torontonians Should Know

Torontonians are creatures of habit.  We have high expectations for ourselves and others, which is why our city is so awesome!  After getting settled in the concrete jungle we begin to accept the social norms that aren't written out, but completely expected. Let's hope you abide by these!

Are you guilty of breaking any of these "rules"? 

1.The left-hand side of the escalator is for passing, the right is for standing.

This is especially important for the Eaton Center, don't get caught leaning on the bannister checking your snapchat story if you're on the left side.

2. Always give up your blue seat on the TTC for those in need.

Blue seats are for the elderly and disabled, make sure to give them first priority!

3. Jaywalking in Kensington is second-nature, and completely okay.

The number of pedestrians will always outweigh the number of cars in this part of Toronto. Be free!

4. Never line-hop in the Sweet Jesus Line up.

Torontonians take their ice cream VERY seriously, and for your safety I suggest waiting in line like everybody else.

5. Always Invite friends over who don't have AC.

T.O. can have some extremely hot summers, and they only feel warmer in an 8th floor apartment with no AC and a shitty fan. Be sure to share the wealth of air conditioning with all your pals.

6. If you own a house and have your own property, shovel the sidewalk.

Pedestrians will forever be grateful that they don't have to worry about black ice or huge mounds of snow on their commute.

7. You can't be annoyed if people are drunk in the lawn section of Molson Amphitheatre.

The lawn is the party section, you have been warned.

8. Never take up two parking spots.

Finding parking is hard enough in this city, don't make it more difficult than it has to be.

9. Always tip at least 15%

Servers and bar staff have to tip out at the end of every shift, so basically if you don't tip them they are paying to work. Share the love/$ Toronto!

10. If someone has their headphones in, don't start a conversation.

This goes for public transit, school, work etc. If the headphones are in, your small talk about the weather is out.

11. Wipe down your machines at Goodlife.

It's awesome that you're working hard to better yourself and stay healthy, but please remember to clean off your machines! The next person probably isn't interested in your sweat all over the display screens.

12. If you have a dog, clean up after them.

Everybody loves dogs, but not everybody love the mess. Whether its on the sidewalk or at the dog park, make sure to bring a plastic bag please!

13. Try not to stop in the middle of the sidewalk on Queen West.

Toronto is a busy city full of people trying to get from point A to B. If you really need to snapchat the CN tower make sure to walk over to the side of the sidewalk so you're not blocking anyones path.

14. If you spill someones beer at a Jays game, treat them to another.

It can get super hot when the dome is open, and cold beers are what keeps most people's morale up throughout the entire game! If you made the mistake of spilling someone else's beer, make sure to repay them. There is nothing more upsetting than seeing an 11 dollar beer puddle dripping down the stands.

15. Always make sure you have not attached your bike lock to another person's bike.

This is the worst, try not to trap any fellow bike riders!

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Sara Sandham
Staff Writer
Sara Sandham was a writer with Narcity Media.
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