Toronto is an inherently unique city. With so many distinct areas, unlimited things to do, and a culture unlike any other, it’s easy to see why we are all ~blessed~ to call this metropolis our home.

Maybe even too blessed: Toronto has spoiled us all in ways we don’t even realize...until we leave, that is. And it doesn’t matter if that means leaving to go back to your small town no one has ever heard of, or leaving to explore some far off destination, nothing compares to Toronto.

So what exactly has Toronto convinced us are basic human rights? Let us tell you:

Photo via CBC

1. It's home to the only Major League Baseball team in Canada.

And a pretty good one at that, go Jays go!

Photo via City Bites

2.The legal drinking age is 19.

Sure, Montreal might have us beat, but realistically who wants to go to a bar filled with high school kids anyways?

Photo via Tumblr

3. It’s home for one of the world’s hottest rappers: Drake.

We gave the world 6ix god, you’re all welcome.

Photo via Tumblr

4. And don’t forget The Weeknd.

Photo via Toronto Multicultural Calander

5. It’s arguably the most multicultural city in the world.

At any given time in Toronto, you can hear pretty much any language, how cool is that?

Photo via City TV

6. We have an unbeatable gay scene; arguably the best in the world.

And don’t get us started on the Pride Parade, which brings some 1 million people!

Photo via CTV News

7. We have the best fans in the world.

Let’s be honest, we all know the Leafs suck. Does that stop us from filling up the ACC every game and cheering them on anyways? HECK NO.

8. Every major music artist will at one point or another come to Toronto.

Imagine having to drive three hours to a concert, because somehow I doubt Beyonce will have a show in Timmins.

Photo via Instagram

9. Musical festival. Lots.

Bestival, Digital Dreams,Riot Fest, VELD and all without having to sleep in a tent.

Photo via ChumFM

10. Street meat, enough said.

Photo via Facebook

11. An unparalleled nightlife.

Want to sit on an amazing patio with a view? Go to the Porch. Want to spend hundreds of dollars on bottles while being surrounded by beautiful people? Go to EFS. Want to dance your face off and lose your mind? Go to The Hoxton. No matter what your party style is, Toronto has your back.

Photo via Transit Toronto

12. It’s home to the 2nd coolest street in the world: Queen St W.

Photo via Utoronto

13. It’s also home to the BEST university in Canada: U of T.

Photo via Twitter

14. It’s on the water with a beautiful Harbourfront.

Photo via 93.5

15. And you won't get a skyline like this anywhere else.