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1,500 People Still Left Stranded After Toronto Apartment Loses Power And Water For Over 24 Hours

1500 St. James Town Toronto apartment residents stranded after the high-rise lost power and water for over 24 hours.

The winter weather outside in Toronto has been brutal lately, and one of the last things that people would want in the city is to be unable to go back to the warm comforts of their home. Unfortunately, that is the reality for around 1,500 Torontonians right now. 1,500 people were left stranded after their Toronto apartment completely lost power and water for over 24 gruelling hours

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A Toronto high-rise apartment located at 260 Wellesley Street East in St. James Town is entering its second day of a building-wide power outage. The outage first took place on Tuesday afternoon, January 22. Not only is there no electricity and heat in the apartment, but there's also no water. Residents have been stranded and unsure where to go. 

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Unfortunately, it looks like no relief is coming soon for the roughly 1,500 residents of the St. James Town apartment. According to Global News, the building's management and Toronto Fire Department said today on January 23 that it remains unclear when the power and water will be back up. They also said it definitely would not be back by the end of today, meaning the apartment's residents are likely to be stranded for over two days. 

Here's a photo of the apartment building. 

Via Google Maps

The building was left without power and water after a pipe burst causing flooding in the apartment's electrical room. This caused the electricity to be completely shut down in the apartment, leaving the building dark and without heat or water. These conditions are brutal enough on their own, but especially when you consider how cold the weather is outside, it's even rougher for residents. 

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Residents of this highrise are now still left completely stranded. Some are bunking in community centres and others are sleeping on friends’ couches, according to City News

Via Google Maps

One of the apartment residents, Mohammed Daoud, told CTV News that the experience has been seriously stressful. "It was the worst night ever… We have no place to go. We can’t afford a hotel room," he said.

"I’m scared. I’m scared about my baby. He’s one year old. Where can I go with my baby? What can I do? If you were me, what would you do? Are you going to bring your baby outside in the snow or are you going to go upstairs with no heat, no hydro, no water, nothing?"

Some residents have tried to stick it out by staying in the Toronto apartment building, but this has proved highly difficult. Vijay Bang and his family decided to stay in their apartment, but without a working elevator, they have had to walk up 33 floors to get home. "Without water, it is a disaster. You don’t have water for drinking, for washing," he told CTV News. "We can live without the power, we can live without the heat, but no water is unacceptable". 

A meeting for the apartment's residents will take place at the local community centre, Wellesley Community Centre at 8 PM tonight. The apartment's building management representatives and Toronto Fire Services will attend the meeting to talk with the residents, according to CTV News. However, there is still yet to be any indication of when the power and water outage will come to an end.