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16 Best Hidden Restaurants, Shops, And Must-Sees In Toronto

There is literally something new to do here, everyday that you will never have seen it all. With so many things hidden away in little nooks and parts of the city, it's impossible to sometimes even find them- but when you do, the results are worth it! 

Whether it be restaurants, shops or must-sees, we have a few places that are certainly worth checking out!

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Where: 495 King St W. // Entertainment District

Why should you go: Talk about hidden. This bar is located on top of Baro on King West, and in order for you to get in you need to know the password...which changes daily. Only way you get into this hidden away location is if you're in the know!



Where: 998 St. Clair Ave W. // St. Clair West Village

Why should you go: For some great authentic Mexican food that will transport you to Mexico City, this is the place to be. It's tucked away in a butcher shop, and is a family run restaurant. 


The Cloak

Where: 488 Wellington St W. // Entertainment District

Why should you go: Another restaurant that's so hidden, you can only be in the know to find it. Under Marben, lies a cocktail bar that will transport you to another time. Now that you have the address, you still have to be careful- you blink and you'll miss it! 


Cold Tea

Where: 60 Kensington Ave // Chinatown

Why should you go: Your go-to hideaway. Put away in an urban mall, this funky place is the ultimate hidden gem in the city, complete with a backyard patio!


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Where: 793 Bathurst St // The Annex

Why should you go: Tucked away on the quiet street of Bathurst, this store has everything from brand names to non-brand name clothing and will have the perfect little additions to your closet.


Print Village

Where: 834 College St // Little Italy

Why should you go: This shop has been at this same location for almost 17 years, yet is still a best-kept secret of the Little Italy neighbourhood. Everyday people continue to discover it like it just showed up!



Where: 97 Roncesvalles Ave // Roncesvalles Village

Why should you go: This adorable store has staple pieces, that bring together vintage chic and bo-ho. 


Easy Tiger Goods

Where: 1447 Dundas St W. // Little Portugal

Why should you go: It's hard to find good quality workmanship when it comes to craft goods. Easy Tiger specializes in just that. From jewelry, to home decor to women's wear, this store has it all. Located it on Dundas W, it's hard to spot, making it a great discovery!


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Chester Hill Lookout

Where: Don Valley Pkwy // East York

Why should you go: This is one of those places that unless someone tells you about it, you wouldn't even realize it existed! It has quite possibly one of the best views of the city and whether you choose to go to this spot alone or with someone, it still is just as surreal. 

Centennial Park Conservatory

Where: 151 Elmcrest Rd // Centennial Park

Why should you go: Like most places, if they're not located downtown they're usually not visited often. This little oasis is located in Centennial Park, this gorgeous greenhouse holds stunning stunning plant collections and seasonal displays, year round.


Redway Road Staircase

Where: Redway Road, Don Valley Pkwy // Thorncliffe

Why should you go: Although this was technically made as an escape route for the employees of the North Toronto Sewage Treatment Plant, it's also a scenic route to see the colours of fall in around the Don Valley Pkwy.

Canadian Film Centre  

Where: 2489 Bayview Rd // York Mills

Why should you go: Toronto has a very rich culture when it comes to the film world. The CFC holds a lot of rich history, and is a host to many great events on its endless fields. It's not a "hidden" must-see, but for film lovers out there it is certainly a place you need to go check out.


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