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16 Bucket List Bars For Every Type Of Night Out In Toronto

What kind of night do you need?
16 Bucket List Bars For Every Type Of Night Out In Toronto

Trying to pin down what bar to go to with friends is the hardest decision every Torontonian has to face. We've got some of the hottest bars around, and you can have a pretty amazing night almost anywhere. 

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You know when you just need a chill night? Or you need a raging night? Or you need a night with your girls to just let loose? We've got you covered with some of the best places in the city based on what kind of night you're in need of: 

What Are You Looking For?

Chill With Friends After Work

Girls Night Out

Sweaty Dance Party

Rage Your Face Off

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Chill With Friends After Work

Beerbistro // 18 King St E

If you love beer this is definitely the place to go. 20 taps and 100+ bottles to ease your after work stress!

SpeakEasy 21 // 21 Adelaide St W

This upscale bar is has delicious food for after work cravings and drinks as well!

The Calvin Bar // 325 Bay St

This boujee spot by the Trump hotels is perfect for a luxury chill session after work.  

Drake 150 // 150 York St 

This Bar located by The Drake Hotel is the perfect chill spot to hang at after a long day of work.

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Girls Night Out

Hey Lucy // Multiple Locations

Their Wednesday martini nights are so much fun, the perfect place to kick back with your ladies!

Figo // 295 Adelaide St W

Figo is right downtown, and has a super pretty aesthetic perfect for Instagram photos. #GNO

EFS // 647 King St W

This popular Toronto spot is so amazing for a GNO to dance and live life to the fullest. 

Lost & Found // 577 King St W

Lost & Found is a Toronto girl's night out dream, and is the perfect place to hang out with friends.

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Sweaty Dance Party

The Dance Cave // 529 Bloor St West

The dance cave is one of Toronto's favourite places to get down. Don't miss out!

The Underground Garage // 365 King St West

This huge club is the perfect place to have a wild dance party with your squad!  

Sneaky Dee's // 431 College St

Sneaky Dee's hosts some of the coolest dance parties in the city. If you're looking for cool themed. 

Cold Tea // 60 Kensington Ave

Cold Tea is a smaller club that is super hard to find, but if you do find it, you'l be sure to have a good time dancing away.

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Rage Your Face Off

REBEL // 11 Polson St 

This Vegas inspired night club is so beautiful, and nights here can seriously get crazy. 

Wildflower // 550 Wellington St W

This popular club gets pretty crowded at night and can turn into a pretty incredible raging night out! 

Door Three // 667 King St 

This club seriously has the best music and will make you dance and sing the night away. 

Apt 200 // 1034 Queen St W

This house party gone wild is perfect if you want a night out dancing.

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