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16 Cool And Unusual Things To Do In Ontario

Unique spots to explore.
16 Cool And Unusual Things To Do In Ontario

Ontario is a massive province that we're all incredibly lucky to call our home. While most of us are here living in big cities like Toronto or Ottawa, there are tons of small towns, unique spots, and nature-filled areas hidden in plain sight that a lot of people don't even know about. 

Spring is just around the corner, which means it's almost time to get back out there and explore what this province has to offer us. Luckily, there are tons of cool and unusual things to do here in Ontario. 

Our province is home to tons of unique things that no other province in the country has. Use this list as your Spring exploring bucket list! 

16. Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library

Where: Toronto, Ontario

This is probably one of the most interesting libraries in all of Canada. It holds around 700,000 volumes and 3,500 metres of manuscripts that you can't find anywhere else in the world! They have unique books like the "monsters" volumes, reprints of works from the 18th century filled with ancient monsters and myths.

Visit it HERE

15. The Comfort Maple 

Where: Pelham, Ontario

The Comfort Maple is believed to be Canada's largest living sugar maple tree. It has been growing since around the year 1500 and could be up to 541 years old. It's a gorgeous destination all year round, with fall and summer being the best seasons when the leaves are lush and green or changing colours.

Visit it HERE

14. Cheltenham Badlands 

Where: Caledon, Ontario

This unique spot looks like we're out in the badlands of Alberta/Saskatchewan, but it's right here in Ontario. It attained its distinctive look in the early 1900s when poor farming practices created this unique, rolling landscape that some have compared to the surface of Mars. In the past, the badlands have been closed to visitors to prevent over-erosion, but now they are once again open for the public to explore.

Visit it HERE

13. Lake On The Mountain 

Where: Prince Edward County, Ontario

This mysterious lake is perched on top of a mountain located way above Lake Ontario's Bay of Quinte. The reason this spot is so unique is because there's no known water source, defying all geological theory on how lakes are formed and sustained. It receives a constant flow of water without anyone knowing how or where it's coming from.

Visit it HERE

12. Camp 30 

Where: Clarington, Ontario

Camp 30 is a significant piece of history in Ontario. Back during WW2, this camp was used to house German prisoners of war. A pair of prisoners even attempted an elaborate escape attempt. It's since been abandoned and is now filled with artistic graffiti that's frequently used for photo ops.

Visit it HERE

11. Half House 

Where: Toronto, Ontario

This weird half-a-home was built back in 1890-1893 and is a super unique part of Toronto's history. Believe it or not, this house was once whole, but during a time when real estate in the city was changing, only half the house was torn down, and the other half was left up and is still standing today.

Visit it HERE

10. Pleasantville Curve

Where: Whitchurch-Stouffville, Ontario

This odd bend in the road in the Stouffville area is covered in paint stripes. It's called a "test deck" where painters come to test the durability of roadway paints. It's turned into an unintentional piece of public art that's open for viewing whenever.

Visit it HERE

9. Bruce Peninsula Grotto 

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Where: Tobermory, Ontario

Bruce Peninsula National Park is probably one of the most beautiful natural spots in Ontario to visit in the summer. What not everyone knows is that there's a hidden grotto that makes for the perfect swimming hole. The water is bright blue and refreshing and is an amazing hidden gem.

Visit it HERE

8. Whirlpool Aero Car 

Where: Niagara Falls, Ontario

Past the massive waterfalls that everyone knows and loves is the Niagara Falls Whirlpool, a huge basin of vortex waters. There's an Aero Car that's suspended over this magnificent whirlpool that carries 10 passengers at a time across for stunning views of the natural occurrence.

Visit it HERE

7. Brockville Railway Tunnel

Where: Brockville, Ontario

This gorgeous piece of Canadian history was the first railway ever built in Canada, opened way back in 1860. It has since been out of use as an active railway and is now an artistic tunnel. Visitors can walk or bike through this colourful tunnel for a magical underground experience.

Visit it HERE

6. Balaclava Ghost Town

Where: Balaclava, Ontario

This creepy ghost town is a super cool spot to explore in Ontario. Back in the 19th century, this town was flourishing amid the success of its timber industry. Eventually, though, the industry was depleted and the town was deserted. It's now a popular "ghost town" that feels extremely haunted, so if you're brave, enough go check it out.

Visit it HERE

5. Torrance Barrens Dark Sky Preserve 

Where: Gravenhurst, Ontario

Located just outside Toronto is this amazing piece of Crown land dedicated to stargazing. It offers super clear views of the sky and even the Northern Lights on the rare occasion they're visible in Ontario. Just bring some blankets, snacks, and your camera for a gorgeous night with gorgeous views!

Visit it HERE

4. Bridal Veil Falls

Where: Manitoulin Island, Ontario

These stunning waterfalls are an amazing spot to explore in Ontario. In the summer months, the falls are the perfect place to hike and take a refreshing dip, and in the winter months, they become a magical frozen wonderland.

Visit it HERE

3. Bathtub Island

Where: Lake Superior National Park, Ontario

Bathtub Island is one of the most popular spots in Ontario to visit during the summer. Even though Lake Superior is way too cold to swim in usually, these "bathtub-like" pools are shallow and warmed up by the sun to create a heated swimming area.

Visit it HERE

2. Spruce Bog Boardwalk 

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Where: Nipissing, Ontario

For a gorgeous piece of nature to explore, take a walk on the Spruce Bog Boardwalk. It's a popular spot all year round for bird lovers and nature lovers to come and explore while taking in the scenic views around them.

Visit it HERE

1. Thousand Islands

Where: 1,000 Islands Parkway, Ontario

Located on the St. Lawrence River is this unique archipelago made up of over 1,000 islands. Some islands are inhabited by tiny houses and towering castles, and others have been fully left to nature. Thousand Islands is an amazing spot to visit in our beautiful province.

Visit it HERE

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