Oh Instagram, where would we be without you? From hilarious memes to cute photos and aesthetically pleasing brick walls, Instagram has it all.

We are all guilty of spending hours on this app getting lost in tons of memes and hilarious photoshop fails. If you try and deny it, you clearly aren't living your best life. Fill your feed with what you love and never leave your couch again!

These Insta accounts are the ones that you need to be following, so what are you waiting for? Make every day better by following these hilarious accounts.


Claudia Oshry // @girlwithnojob

Follow for: Memes that are 100% relatable. Let's hope she never gets a job because we don't know what we would do without this page!

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Cash Cats // @cashcats

Follow for: Lots of cats and lots of cash. What makes this account funny is the fact that cats don't need money, they're literally just cats.


Every Outfit on Sex & The City // @everyoutfitonsatc

Follow for: Captions that will make you laugh until you cry, plus revisiting one of the best shows ever (even though their fashion choices were poor).


Kids Are The Worst // @kidsaretheworst 

Follow for: Photos that will make you laugh but also to remind you why you don't want kids until you're at least thirty.


Miserable Men // @miserable_men

Follow for: So many hilarious pictures of the men who have faced going to the mall and instantly regretted it.


My Therapist Says // @mytherapistsays

Follow for: Memes galore that everyone can relate to, especially when you're feeling a little extra crazy.

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Marsha Mello // @marshamello941

Follow for: Relatable posts from a Barbie who's life is cooler than you. Marsha will remind you of yourself on your sloppiest Saturday night but with less shame.

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Kayne Doing Things // @kanyedoingthings

Follow for: Pics of Kayne doing Kayne things. If the Kardashians plan their lives around his Yeezy's choices maybe we can learn a thing or two while enjoying this weird Insta.

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Lee Ayers // @friendofbae

Follow for: Relatable memes from other amazing pages, just be prepared to start tagging your friends in everything they post.


Fly Art // @flyartproductions

Follow for: Insta's that are smart while also being so funny. Check out ironic paintings without going to a Warhol exhibit.

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Josh Hara // @yoyoha

Follow for: Coffee pics that will say what we're all thinking, plus comics and sketches! Not to mention the crazy talent Josh has to make these all possible.

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That Looks Like A Dick // @thatlookslikeadick

Follow for: Photos that look kind of like dicks, as the name suggests. As simple as this Insta is, sometimes a funny shape can just make you laugh.

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Unspirational // @unspirational 

Follow for: Relatable photos that will make you laugh while also questioning your life choices.


Kylie Jenner's Old Face // @kyliejenners_oldface

Follow for: LITERALLY THE BEST ACCOUNT EVER. We all know Kylie had work done but reverting back to her prepubescent days with a new twist makes for some of the best content ever.

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Texts From Your Ex // @textsfromyourex

Follow for: Breakups that were messier than yours. Whether you relate, laugh or just pity these fools, nothing is better than this classic Insta.

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Tom Lenk // @tommylenk

Follow for: Pictures of a real man trying out all the crazy fashions celebrities wear plus some hilarious memes.

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