16 Incredible Places To Take People Who Aren't From Toronto

Show them the 6 in style.
16 Incredible Places To Take People Who Aren't From Toronto

There are few better feelings in life than showing someone a ridiculously cool place. That instant street-cred can be more powerful than 4-shots of espresso, especially when your friends are having an amazing time. 

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Since Toronto has dozens of places to explore and discover, when you have people visiting from out of town you have endless opportunities to show them places that give them A) a great sense of the city and B) an incredible day or night out. Here are our top picks to bring people from out of town! 

1. Get a rush of adreniline with Edgewalk @ The CN Tower 

What better way to bond than being scared shitless, am I right? For real though, apparently scary circumstances can and will bring you emotionally closer to those you spend them with. The CN Tower is pretty much a give-in in terms of tourist spots, but Edgewalk on the other hand? Much more memorable. Anyone who wants to sit this one out can easily go dine at the 360 or chill on the glass floor. 

2. Shop a city's worth of food at the St. Lawrence Market 

This historic spot is a great place to show visiting friends and family for the hustle, bustle and sheer volume of buyables. From here, you can easily transition to the flat iron building to take some dope Toronto Instagrams.

3. Rome the ROM

Get your culture on. The ROM is a great spot to show people from out of province to get a little perspective on good ol'Ontario. There are always great exhibits on to peruse with your pals. For some added flare, try taking them to a Friday Night Live event for some live music and drinks. 

4. Cheer on those BJ's at the Rogers Centre 

Gotta root root root for the home team. The Jays have one of the biggest followings in the whole MLB so why wouldn't you bring guests? It's a Toronto exclusive that's exciting and fun, with alcohol and entertainment, for the same price as a movie. 

5. Stroll and snap down Queen St. West 

Vogue did coin it the second hippest place in the world, so. Might be a place you want to show off. If they're here this week, try taking them to Supercrawl

6. Explore the insta opportunities at the AGO

Here's a place with toooons to see. Browse some incredible art before stopping in at their in-house restaurant, Frank , or strolling 'round downtown. 

7. Picnic and people watch in Trinity Bellwoods

It's no Central Park, but still a dope spot to scan for pups and peeps! Pack a picnic lunch or dinner and just chill. 

8. Show them some love in the Distillery District 

Lock that shit down. The Distillery District's unique charm just needs to be shared. The brick steps, gorgeous architecture and eclectic shops make it a must see for any travellers. Stop in for a coffee at Balzac's or a beer from our boys at Mill Street

9. Climb the Casa Loma steps 

How many Canadian cities can say they have a castle to visit? Let your friends live out a modern day fairytale by strolling the steps and exploring the grounds. 

10. Catch a flick at Tiff Bell Lightbox 

TIFF went from being a Toronto favourite to an International fav real fking quick. Give your guests a peak at where the celebs cluster every September while amping up the everyday movie experience. 

11. Coast around the city with Mariposa Cruises 

The island may be out of comission for now but that doesn't mean you can't get out on the water. Mariposa Cruises allows an amazing view of Toronto, with dinner, dancing and drinks. 

12. Tackle the Behemoth with your baes 

No one is too old for a rollercoaster. I repeat, no one. Wonderland may be a little pricey for some, but if you're only in Toronto for a limited amount of time, it's a great place to let your inner child loose. 

13. Browse around Kensington Market 

Kensington's definitely a must-see for any curious, hip kids. Show off the graffitti, restaurants, and wild card pedestrians. 

14. Fall through a time warp with Medieval Times

Not joust for kids, Medieval Times makes for an interesting evening with friends or family. Great for history buffs, Game of Thrones fanatics, or carnivores. Just think of the turkey legs!! 

15. Get your snack and sip on a microbrewery like Indie Alehouse. 

Beer is much better in bulk. Skip the bars and take your friends to some of the best microbreweries in the city like Bellwoods Brewery or Steam Whistle

16. Dine the fine at a spot like Bar Buca

No matter your guest's taste, there is most definitely a spot for them to eat in Toronto.

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