Eyelash extensions have become a serious trend in Toronto because they are very addicting. You'll only understand once you get your eyelashes done, that you can't live without them. When your lashes are on point, you feel totally flawless and there is no need to stress about smudged black eyes and spend $20+ on mascara anymore.

There are so many ladies in the GTA that are eye lash specialists. Whether you're looking for a more natural or glamorous look, these ladies work magic and are able to accommodate everyones preferences.

Are you looking for an eye lash goddess? Forget about spending 15 minutes in the morning to put on mascara and consider getting your lashes done. In no particular order, here's a list of 16 ladies in the GTA that will make your eye lashes perfect for any occasion:


1. @fairylash_godmother

Email: claudia_goncal4@hotmail.com

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2. @mxtensions

Email: mxtensions@outlook.com

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3. @gtalashdolls

Email: Linda@gtalashdolls.ca

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4. @finelash

Email: info@finelash.com

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5. @lashmeupsam

Email: Lashmeupsam@gmail.com

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6. @lashesbylia

Email: glambylia@gmail.com


7. @luxuriouslashes_

Email: luxuriouslashes9981@gmail.com

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8. @lashesbysamm 


9. @_lashlife 


10. @lashesby_courtney

Email: Courtneygreigcosmetics@gmail.com

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Email: @beautyinablinkgta@gmail.com


12. @sheflirts_lashandbrow

Email: info@she-flirts.com

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13. @lilyhobeauty

Email: lily@lily-ho.com

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14. @smpbeauty

Email: Smpbeautyy@gmail.com

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15. @lashesbyrk

via @waxandlashbeauty

16. @waxandlashbeauty