Guelph is chalked full of mouthwatering restaurants.  Whether you're looking for a delicious boozy brunch, or a craving-crushing dinner, you're bound to find something that will curb your appetite.  Although, with so many options sometimes making a decision can be tough.

We have compiled a list of 17 amazing restaurants to help you narrow down your choices.  Each of these places is seriously amazing, and is sure to impress any out of town foodie, or local looking to try something new!

Make it your personal mission to visit all 17 of these spots, you definitely won't regret it!

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1. 39 Carden St. Bistro  // 39 Carden St.

39 Carden St. is home to some of the most delicious meals in Guelph. This adorable bistro has an amazing laid back atmosphere, with beautiful decor throughout. Be sure to visit this spot for brunch, it might be the best in the entire city!

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2. Who Gives A Schnitz // 27 Macdonell St. 

Craving Schnitzel? Well, after looking at Who Gives A Schnitz Instagram feed you 100% will be. This awesome spot is super affordable and seriously amazing. If you're looking for a flavour packed cheap bite, this is your stop.

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3. Golden Fish and Chips // Woolwich St.

Fish and chips is a comfort food option many people know and love. Golden Fish and Chips is your typical hole in the wall, the serves up perfectly crispy fries, and always fresh cuts of fish. What more can you ask for?!

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4. Spice Roots // 200 Kortright Rd W.

Spice Roots serves up some seriously amazing Chicken masala. Everything on their menu is seasoned to perfection, and the portions are extremely generous!

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5. The Joint Cafe // 43 Cork St E.

The Joint Cafe is the perfect place for a casual lunch with a couple friends. They have a lot of healthy (and delicious) options that won't make you feel guilty when you order seconds!

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6. Fifty West // 50 Stone Rd W.

Fifty West is a great spot to treat a loved one. This cozy spot has a fairly extensive menu that offers something for everyone, not to mention their fries are probably something sent from heaven.

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7. Pho Saigon // 240 Silvercreek Pkwy N.

With our recent cold weather, there is no arguing that it is officially pho season! Pho Saigon is the perfect place to warm up and fill your belly on a cold winter's day in Guelph.

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8. Earth To Table Bread Bar // 105 Gordon St

Earth to Table is an amazing spot to grab a healthy meal made with fresh and seasonal ingredients! If you're a seafood lover you need to try their steamed east coast mussels, they are slightly addicting.

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9. Ben Thanh // 383 Woodlawn Rd W.

If you're craving noodles, this is your spot. I'm a huge fan of their chicken pad thai, but honestly everything on their menu looks delicious and very reasonably priced.

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10. Diwa // 336 Speedvale Ave W.

Diwa is another awesome place to grab some Indian food while in Guelph. If you're looking for a hearty meal packed with flavour, this is your spot!

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11. La Cucina Ristorante // 474 Hazeldean Rd.

La Cucina is the perfect place to impress a date. They have a fairly extensive wine list, and the staff is super helpful when asked for a wine pairing for your meal!

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12. Baker Street Station // 76 Baker St.

Baker Street Station is a cozy yet modern pub, that serves up some awesome comfort food! They also add a unique twist to a lot of classic pub food, like the pad thai fries (which you 100% need to try).

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13. Salsateria // 10 Wyndham St N.

Salsateria is the idea place for a late night bite, or a hangover cure. They serve up some of the most loaded and tasty nachos and tacos in Guelph, be sure to stop by next time you're in the area.

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14. Buon Gusto Restaurant // 69 Wyndham St N.

Who can say no to pizza and pasta, especially when it's from Buon Gusto!? This is another spot in Guelph that does not skimp out on the portions. Be sure to visit them in the summer months, they have an awesome patio that you must take advantage of.

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15. W Sushi // 235 Edinburgh Rd S.

There is no surprise that W Sushi made the list. This place is constantly serving up fresh and flavourful rolls that will keep all your dynamite roll cravings at bay.

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16. Einstein's Cafe // 2 Grant St. 

Einstein's is an adorable spot in Guelph that is ideal for a healthy lunch, and an awesome coffee. Everything is also fairly affordable, so you won't feel bad coming back again and again!

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