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Ugh, for some dreadful reason, eating well and exercising is an important part of the daily grind for Torontonians. It's all about the latest fitness trends, newest green juice bars and hottest lulu lemon yoga pant sales. We shouldn't eat anything fattening, we should just look at it. That would be all kinds of great if Toronto didn't have such damn good junk food options.

It is so difficult to try to maintain a healthy lifestyle in this damn city because there is way too much great stuff that needs to be eaten. Therefore, cheat days are very important and need to be very carefully planned out to ensure maximum profitability. Use this guide to cheat day eats in Toronto to make the most of your #fitspo days off.

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Buttermilk Chicken Tenders from 'The Chickery'

130 Spadina Ave

Just saying the words buttermilk chicken tenders makes me drool. They are tender and packed with flavour, you may not even be able to believe it. At first glance, it may seem expensive but it is seriously worth it and get the gravy, omg get the gravy.

Green Tea Cheesecake from 'Guu Izakaya'

398 Church St

Anything and everything at Guu is delicious but if you're looking to really indulge, the green tea matcha cheesecake is the best choice. It is so damn mouth watering and apparently green tea has a lot of health benefits so maybe its not thaaat bad of an indulgence choice.

Quinoa Onion Rings from 'Fresh'

326 Bloor Street W+ 894 Queen Street W + 147 Spadina Ave + 90 Eglinton Ave E

Fresh is a pretty good choice for non-cheat days because they offer a ton of healthy options but when you're there on your #fitspiration day offs definitely get an order (or three) of quinoa onion rings with a side of the chipotle mayo. Soooo delicious.

Deep Fried Hot Dogs from 'Gushi'

707 Dundas Street W

Also known as hotdogs on rice, these are a steal for such fattening goodness. Perfect for a snack stop on your way to your cheat day meal (What? you can't possible consider 2 deep fried hot dogs enough indulgence, jeez step your game up). Gushi has a ton of great cheat eats but the deep fried hot dogs and sauce are a guaranteed win.

Sausages on Sausages on Sausages from 'WVRST'

609 King Street W

WVRST has sausages of all kinds, legitimately any type of sausage you can think of it and then ones that you never knew were possible. Kangaroo, Elk, Bison, the list goes on and so far we haven't tried a sausage we didn't like (mind out of the gutter kids). If you're feeling a little extra, get an order of fries, they're cooked in duck fat aka delicious.

Gelato from 'SOMA'

32 Tank House Lane + 443 King Street West

Who doesn't love a little gelato on cheat day? SOMA has some of the best in the city and you've gotta hit them up on your next cheat day. SOMA is actually a chocolaterie so you know their ingredients are on point. Our absolute favourite option is gianduja (whatever that is) caramel laced with Pop Rocks candy. When can we start buying it in a tub?

Poutine from 'Smoke's Poutinerie'

Various locations

Poutine on poutine on poutine. Smoke's does anything and everything possible with a poutine including bacon poutines, triple pork poutines, philly cheesesteak poutines, the list goes on. We're also pretty sure that if you wanted to put anything you could think of on your poutine, and if they had it available, they would make it happen, regardless of effing weird it might be. Just delightful.

Absolutely Anything from 'Carole's Cheesecake'

114 Cumberland Street

If you don't like cheesecake it's because there is probably something very wrong with you. On a day when you're looking to trade your sneakers for a spoon and some carbs, visit Carole's Cheesecake and pick your poison from a long list. We personally recommend the famous 'Diamonds and Pearls' which is like red velvet cheesecake. You're welcome.

Pancakes from 'Saving Grace'

907 Dundas Street W

Everyone in this city loves brunching, it's a sport, but sometimes we feel overly guiltey about doing it so we make the healthier breakfast choices, egg white omelettes or brown bread (the horror!) so on your cheat day hit up Saving Grace on Dundas West and order the most elaborate pancake breakfast they have. You won't be sorry.

Guinness Chocolate Cupcake from 'For the Love of Cake'

171 East Liberty St, Unit 117

For those in the city with a sweet tooth, For The Love of Cake is the perfect place to spend your cheat day. The cupcakes are super affordable so you can taste test one of each but you must try the Guinness Chocolate Cupcake, if you love chocolate and love Guinness or even if you hate one of those things, try it! This cupcake will melt in your mouth it is that good!

The Vatican City from 'The Burger's Priest'

3397 Yonge Street + 1636 Queen Street E + 463 Queen Street W

The Burger's Priest in Toronto is on a whole new level but you haven't lived until you have explored their secret menu! That's right folks, head in on your next cheat day and order 'The Vatican City', an off menu option and you will probably be rolling out of the place happier than you've ever imagined you could be. This burger is a double cheeseburger squeezed between two grilled cheese buns. Hubba, hubba.

A Boatload of wings from 'Duff's Famous Wings'

558 College Street

Everyone loves wings, the perfect game day meal, so carefully schedule your next cheat day on a leafs game day and head over to Duff's for a couple beers and wings (but lots of wings). Duff's has them in 10, 20 and 50 servings with a hefty list of sauce options and since you are not calorie counting today you should probably get a couple different options.

A Big Bang Burger from 'The Burgernator'

26 Augusta Ave

The Big Bang Burger at Burgernator is what dreams are made of for chicken tender lovers (also known as everyone, ever). It is an all beef patty, topped with buffalo chicken strips, canadian cheddar, tomato, lettuce and roasted garlic rosemary aioli. To sum it up: yuuuuuuuuum

Ultimate Grilled Cheese from 'Uncle Betty's Diner'

2590 Yonge Street

Featured on the food network's 'You gotta eat Here,' Uncle Betty's is a classic in the city and you must visit it when you are on a no-limits cheat day so that you can pick at (devour) a little bit of everything. The must try on their menu is the ultimate grilled cheese. This is a grilled cheese stuffed with mac n cheese and pulled pork... ultimate doesn't even do it justice.

Nutella & Salted Caramel Milkshake from 'Holy Chuck Burgers'

1450 Yonge Street

Holy Chuck Burgers deliciousness goes beyond burgers. When you want to load up on some unnecessary calories in a sweet milkshake you have got to head over and try the Nutella Salted Caramel Milkshake. Canadians love their nutella so imagine that blended with salted caramel? that delicious day dream you are having right now can be reality on your next cheat day. Do it up!

Beer Battered Onion Rings from 'Real Sports'

15 York Street

Now, we know the more common choice at Real Sports are their chicken wings but you are missing out if you do not indulge in their beer battered onion rings every now and again. They are super breaded with all that beer batter and we are not complaining because one bite and you'll be hooked.