16 Of The Best Cheap Eats In Toronto For $15 Or Less

Feed yourself, without breaking the bank!
16 Of The Best Cheap Eats In Toronto For $15 Or Less

Let's be real, all of us would rather spend a bunch of money on food, than just about anything else. Sometimes (many of the times) this madness takes a toll on our wallets. I cannot tell you how many times I feel like my credit card company is cackling at me for the amount of money I spend on food alone.

Finding cheap eats in Toronto, isn't as challenging as it may seem. Since this city is filled with incredible cuisines from around the world, it is actually quite easy to find cheap eats under $15 (making your wallet happy each time). You just need to know where to look! 

El Nahual

Where: 1993 Keele St // Eglinton West

Why should you go: Mexican food is an easy-go to for cheap eats. Most places are affordable, but El Nahual is easily one of the best places in the city. There signature tacos and burritos are mouth watering. Plus the in-house made sauces are out of this world. 


Wilson’s Haus of Lechon

Where: 365 Wilson Ave // North York

Why should you go: Cheap Filipino eats can be found here. From their pork skewers to chicken combos, everything is priced very well. The priciest thing on the menu is an entire pig for about $200, but unless you're that hungry, your safe to spend under $15!



Where: 1281 Bloor St W. // Bloordale Village

Why should you go: This place is known to use authentic Italian red sauce in their pastas, hot sandwiches, and salads. With the classic Italian eats, you can pair fresh mozzarella with your take-out and even Calamari (that gets a great kick with the hot banana peppers it comes with!). The go-to meatball sandwiches hit the spot every time!


Fat Lamb Kouzina

Where: 874 Yonge St // Yorkville

Why should you go: In the bougie, busy neighbourhood lies this Greek resto, that, according to their website, will be remind you of your mom's cooking due to its authentic and fresh ingredients and flare. The platters and sandwiches make for quick and cheap eats that your wallet and stomach will thank you for. 


El Furniture Warehouse

Where: 410 Bloor St W // The Annex

Why should you go: This rustic dive bar is the perfect place for cheap eats with menu carrying all the food items at $4.95! While the drinks are a bit more that $5, they are still very affordable. This is one of my favourite places because it's a great place for a casual night out with friends, without anyone really breaking the bank!



Where: 676 Queen St W. // West Queen West 

Why should you go: Syrian street food hits Queen St in all it's glory and flavour. This restaurant brings together the ingredients and stories of Syria, served as a flatbread and other authentic Syrian cuisine. Their Maanaesh is heavenly and highly recommended. 


Green Republic Food Co.

Where: 439 University Ave // Garden District

Why should you go: Located right by Ryerson and U of T, this makes student eating easy. From soups, salads to pasta, this is a healthy alternative to the many junk food like items on this list. It is a busy spot, with lines that are filled during peak hours, but the meals are worth the wait!


Auntie's and Uncle's

Where: 74 Lippincott St // Discovery District

Why should you go: One of the best brunch spots in the city that will not leave your wallet hating you! Their pancakes, eggs benedict-pretty much all brunch foods that are a classic can be found here. The most raved item on the menu that is a must try is their breakfast tacos!


Lox + Schmear

Where: 1030 St. Clair Ave W. // St. Clair West Village

Why should you go: Montreal is brought to York with this to-die-for Montreal style bagel shop. One of their go-to items are the bagels topped with cream cheese and smoked salmon. There are also platters and vegan options available. It makes for a great to visit currently if you've got change for days, seeing as they are only taking cash.


Bagel Time

Where: 582 Danforth Ave // Greektown

Why should you go: Bagels make the easiest cheap eats. These baked daily fresh bagels, stay true to their Montreal style roots. They carry an entire world of bagels, from the classics like sesame, to the intriguing chocolate bagels! 


Pacific Park Social

Where: 2986 Dundas St W. // The Junction 

Why should you go: If you love paninis. this is a place you must try. Their freshly pressed paninis are served with classic Italian ingredients. All the sandwiches are prepared daily, and right in front of you. To top it off, they also have other Italian delicacies, like gelato, cannolis, espressos and coffees! 


Jumbo Empanadas

Where: 245 Augusta Ave // Chinatown

Why should you go: Authentic Chilean food at its finest, that stays true to it's name. Whether you go for chicken, beef, or veggie, these Empanadas are massive and worth every single penny you spent on them. Paired with zesty salsas, your stomach will thank you so much. 



Where: 238 Augusta Ave // Chinatown

Why should you go: This vegetarian place is known to have some delicious salads, crepes and their non-dairy ice-cream. Many of their items are under $15, while some can go over that price point.


Xtreme Taste

Where: 6 Cumberland St // Yorkville

Why should you go: True to it's name, this place has mad tasteful Mediterranean classics like pitas and platters- from gyro to chicken, you are sure to find exactly the type of meal you are looking for to satisfy your hunger without going over your budget. 


Schnitzel Queen

Where: 211 Queen St E. // Garden District

Why should you go: Honestly, this place has schnitzel for days. With so many options, you are sure to find the perfect schnitzel sandwich for you. Located right downtown and open till 10 pm, it makes for a great place to grab eats during those long study sessions or late nights otherwise.


Seven Lives

Where: 69 Kensington Ave // Chinatown

Why should you go: This is my favourite taco place in the city- there I said it. This place is always busy, and lines are always out there and honestly for good reason. Their tacos are not only super affordable, but so flavourful too. Whether you go for the chicken, beef, or fish taco, the zesty sauces give them a great kick. Easily my go-to. 


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