16 Places To Eat, Drink And Socialize If You Want To Live The High Life In Toronto

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16 Places To Eat, Drink And Socialize If You Want To Live The High Life In Toronto

There is no doubt about it - Toronto is an expensive city. From the rent to the fashion to the food, the finer things in Toronto cost some serious cash. However, there are a few restaurants in the city that really take things up a notch.

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An evening at one of these restaurants will make you feel like one of Toronto's elite. But after all, sometimes you have to treat yourself. These places are where you are most likely to spot a celebrity and where Toronto's elite go to dine. Here are 12 places to go to if you want to live the high life in Toronto, even if it is just for a night.

1. The Chase // 10 Temperance St

This Financial District gem is located in the former roof of the Dineen Building. With a diverse contemporary American style menu and a wide range of cocktails, it is easy to rack up a hefty bill here. Cocktails range from $14-$18, while the average price of an entree is around $45.

What to have: Veal Tenderloin ($38)

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2. Jacob's & Co. // 12 Brant St

This highly regraded King Street West steakhouse is known for more than just its delicious steaks. Jacob's & Co. offers everything from seafood to duck and there is always the option to add a lobster tail to any entree ($30). Plus, their wine list is rivalled by few.

What to have: Mishima Reserve Wagyu-CO Striploin ($168)

3. Harbour Sixty Steakhouse // 60 Harbour St

The ambience of Harbour Sixty will make you feel like you have stepped back in time a couple decades. This steakhouse offers classic fine dining in wood-accented, old-world environs, but their food is nothing but current and fresh. If you want to treat yourself, this is the place.

What to have: 14oz Filet Mignon ($67)

4. Momofuku Shōtō // 190 University Ave

The menu changes frequently at Momofuku Shoto, but it usually starts with a number of amuse bouche followed by a variety of creative plates featuring luxe seafoods like sea urchin and scallops, plus rare meats like elk. Add wine pairings to your tasting menu for an additional $80.

What to have: 10 course tasting menu ($150/person)

5. DEQ Lounge // 181 Wellington St W

The DEQ Lounge and Terrace is an outdoor oasis in the summer and a cozy hot spot in the winter. This place focuses on Mediterranean inspired dishes while its cocktails start at $14.  Enjoy fine eats while taking in some of the best sights Toronto has to offer.

What to have: Labrador Arctic Char ($30)

6. Café Boulud // 60 Yorkville Ave

Located in the Four Seasons Hotel, Café Boulud has a French inspired cuisine that changes with the season. However, you don't have to speak French to know the food is good. Mains are a la carte and taste ultra luxurious. Appetizers run around $25, while the average price of an entree is $50.

What to have: Plateau de fruits de mer ($64)

7. Kaiseki Yu-Zen Hashimoto // 6 Garamond Ct

Owned by master chef Masaki Hashimoto - who has been cooking for over 30 years - this Japanese restaurant offers a flat rate dinner menu excluding drinks. It is an eight course omakase menu that finishes with a complimentary tea ceremony. If you are looking to splurge, this is the place.

What to have: 8 course tasting menu ($300/person)

8. Canoe // 66 Wellington St W

Canoe is a Toronto favourite. Using domestic products as often as possible, Canoe takes traditional Canadian cuisine to a new level. Cocktails start at $15, while an entree will run you up $40 or more, however, the excellent quality of this restaurant makes the price worth it.

What to have: Alberta Lamb Saddle ($47)

9. Sotto Sotto // 120 Avenue Rd

Italian food is some of the best and the good stuff comes with a high price tag to match. If you follow Sotto Sotto's traditional Italian multi-course progression, you are sure to rack up a hefty bill. Antipasti's start around $20, while entrees range between $35-$45.

What to have: Risotto Del Giorno ($49)

10. Fring's // 455 King St W

If you haven't been to Fring's before, it is a must. Whatever Drake is selling, we are buying. From the fun decor to the high quality food, what's not to love? Cocktails start at $18 and adding a dessert will cost you an extra $14. It may not be cheap, but it is worth it.

What to have: Surf and Turf Poutine ($32)

11. Shangri-La Lobby Lounge // 188 University Ave

The Shangri-La Lobby Lounge has 90-seats where natural light streams through the two-storey windows that highlight the large paintings, sculptures and Italian piano - consider it the urban living room of Toronto's elite. The lounge hosts a tea library with 68 kinds of tea for afternoon high tea.

What to have: High Tea ($61/person)

12. North 44 // 2537 Yonge St

Named after Toronto's latitude, North 44 provides upscale, innovative Continental cuisine in a posh environment. This restaurant is know to locals and international diners alike for its unique dining experience and elegant surroundings. Feel fancy and head over to North 44 for dinner tonight.

What to have: Pacific Halibut ($48)

13. BOSK // 188 University Ave

This chic spot in the Shangri-La Hotel serves Asian-spins on modern Canadian cuisine, focusing on seafood. Bosk won the Best of Award of Excellence from the Wine Spectator in both 2013 and 2014, so they know what they are doing when it comes to good eats and savoury wine.

What to have: Chef's Menu ($125/person)

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14. Barberian's // 7 Elm St

The name may sound a little intimidating, however, a trip to this delicious steakhouse is worth it. Their menu features expensive top cuts of meats and seafoods. After an appetizer, an entree and a couples drinks, your bill will be sure to reach the triple digits.

What to have: Prime Rib Roast Beef ($50)

15. Brassaii // 461 King St W

Deemed as Toronto's sophisticated and cosmopolitan destination, Brassaii elevates the fine dining experience with its loftlike architecture and Mediterranean-inspired fare. With an exposed wine cellar, a sleek dining room and stylish bar, Brassaii is where to go to live the high life.

What to have: Venison Tenderloin ($32)

16. dbar // 60 Yorkville Ave

dbar is a luxe hangout in the Four Seasons Toronto. With craft cocktails, charcuterie and refined small plates, dbar is the perfect spot to treat yourself. The charcuterie boards range from $30-$40, but are definitely worth every penny. If you like wine and cheese, dbar is the place to splurge.

What to have: Peach No Evil Specialty Cocktail ($18)

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