16 Signs That You Were Born To Be A Torontonian

There's no place like home.
16 Signs That You Were Born To Be A Torontonian

There are only so many other cities in the world that can compare to the world that lives and breathes in the city of Toronto. Nothing beats cheap morning coffees from Timmies, the love/hate relationship with the TTC and the breathtaking views of the 6ix. That being said, it's no wonder that most people from Toronto would agree that there's no other city that feels that home. Some people were meant to travel all over the world while others were meant to stay in the 6ix and completely slay. Yeah it's always cool to explore your horizons and see what's out there but at the end of the day you know that all the cosmos and hocus pocus in the world have destined for you conquer the city of TO like a boss.

Whether you clicked on this article to confirm your fate or you genuinely do wonder where your future is destined to be, here are 16 signs that you were meant to love and thrive in the great city of Toronto.

1. You absolutely need to be within 25 feet of a nearby coffee shop.

The coffee culture in Toronto is insane with various localized cafe's located everywhere throughout the downtown core. If you love and bleed a blessed cup of Joe, Toronto definitely has your back!

2. The sound of construction, traffic horns blaring and "BELIEVE" don't necessarily bother you anymore.

In fact, utter silence is fvcking disturbing. You need to hear the constant chatter of the thousands of Torontonians on the TTC, the sound of jack hammers and bulldozers on Queen, and yes--- even the believe guy who is a staple of your everyday life on Dundas.

3. Mainstream restaurants and cafes don't phase you--- you're always on the hunt for another upcoming restaurant opening on Queen St.

Food, food and more food! If you're a foodie and enjoy stuffing your face with delicious food at the most hipster, non mainstream restaurants then Toronto is absolutely the place to be. So go ahead, stuff yo' face, and take a fleeking good 'gram photo while you're at it!

4. The city's breathtaking skyline will always, always make your day.

Although the city may be your home, the views from the 6ix will never get old. You love it just as much as the 6ix God, Drake, himself and once you've fallen in love with it there's no going back.

5. You're so used to hearing "slow down!" from one of your friends.

You've gotta keep up with the city scene and if there's one thing you know about the city it's that if you're leading the pack you will get trampled over. So when your cute suburban friends visit the city, there is no mercy when it comes to your city strides. Get on my level bitches!

6. You are the tour guide in your group of friends when it comes to navigating the non mainstream areas of Toronto.

Once again, somebody in the squad wants to hang somewhere in Toronto and by 'Toronto' they meant somewhere around Yonge & Dundas. LOLLLLLL... uhn uhn honey. You know not to be a tourist in your own city and shed some light on where to go for your TO newbies.

7. You're a complete social butterfly and will make conversation with anybody and anything.

If you're the type of person who loves to network and converse with people, the city of Toronto has places for you to grow professionally and personally. There are lots of career and job opportunities based all over Toronto if not specifically the Financial District that will lead you to success whether it be PR, business, economics and other career goals that would be worth the 16+ years of being put through the thousand dollar education system.

8. You don't even complain about public transit and don't mind not having a car.

We've all got shit to say about the TTC, but the truth is that in the city it's either public transit or traffic on the 401. It's not so bad, and the best part is that it's so much fvcking cheaper than gas & insurance!

9. You love culture.

Toronto is one of the most multicultural cities in the world welcoming a variety of nationalities from all over the world. Vibe with the endless arrays of culture in the city whether you're down for lunch somewhere along Chinatown, Little Italy or Danforth--- TO's gotcha covered!

10. You're a nightowl.

The night culture in Toronto is always poppin' and you need to thrive in a city that doesn't sleep until you do! If you've ever partied at a club on King St. or craved a mouthwatering shawarma at 3 in the morning, you know that the TTC will come through for transpo and there'll always be something open in the downtown core!

11. When there's even one scene of a movie filmed in Toronto, you automatically have to call it out because you're almost positive you know where it was filmed.

Drinking game: for every time you've ever called out a scene from Suits that is obviously filmed in Toronto, take a shot. Actually, I wouldn't recommend that because then your liver would probably be fvcking destroyed. But hey, you can't blame yourself for getting excited when your city is being represented.

12. You're a fierce, independent queen that can't be tamed.

You're young, restless and want to make the most out of your independence as a young adult. Whether it be one of the many fancy AF condos, cozy apartments or rustic homes in Toronto, it'll be a home you can call all yours to explore the city as you start to adult without being under your parents' roof.

13. Booties, stilettos, sneakers--- whatever the footwear, you're always down to walk the extra mile around the city.

The thing about Toronto is that almost everything is just a minute's walk away. Your feet are so accustomed to walking from the east to west parts of the city that the kind of footwear you're using no longer phases you. Bar hopping on King with six inch heels? No problemo!

14. Your wardrobe has to be up to date with the latest Toronto fashion trends.

Literally walk take a walk past RyersonU and prepare to feel in sync and on fleek with the Torontonians who insist on wearing the LV and Gucci to class. Whether it be Oak and Fort, Aritzia or these Toronto brand threads, you've probably thought of investing in something from here if you don't already own anything from here.

15. You're super into sports but despite everything you will always cheer on for the Raptors & Jays.

Okay yeah, so the Leafs and Raps aren't so great. Nonetheless, the home court spirit in TO is poppin' and it's okay to admit that you've totally jumped on the Raps bandwagon when the Toronto Raptors made it to the semi finals this Spring. And if you haven't worn blue and white at a Jay game yet, how df have you not done that yet living in Toronto?

16. You've tried New York City but the vibes just didn't feel right.

"OMG, the Yonge & Dundas square looks almost like Times Square!"... I guessit does, but it's also smaller. and less crowded which is totally how I like it. Many cities have impressed, but nothing can deny the homesickness being away from TO--- key word being home.

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