16 Struggles All Fortinos Employees Know Too Well

Do you want bags with that?
16 Struggles All Fortinos Employees Know Too Well

The first job I ever had was as a cashier at Fortinos.  When I first got hired I couldn’t have been more excited.

That all changed the day a customer me hit with a baguette.  I believe that she did this because she wanted my attention while she explained that she wanted her groceries bagged according to gluten and gluten-free items.  The moment that baguette crumbled on the sleeve of my puke-coloured button down, I realized that the job came with a few struggles.

This one goes out to all my friends that are still stuck behind a till, making pizzas, or stocking shelves.  You are the true MVPs and I will forever have the utmost respect for you.

1. Constantly getting shit on for charging people for bags.

Look, I'm just a part-time employee. There is literally no way that the bag charge would be my decision.

2. Hating Thanksgiving mainly because you have to touch 100 frozen turkeys per shift.

So cold and so awkward to scan.

3. Finding orange stickers in places orange stickers never should be found.

In every pocket, and on the bottom of every sock.

4. Forever knowing that 4011 is the code for bananas...

...And bonding with people because it was the first code you both memorized.

5. Having the awful realization that the pen pocket on your apron is actually really helpful.

Hi, yes I am totally aware I look like an idiot! :)

6. Buying a cheesy breadstick whenever you went on break.

99 cents has never tasted so good.

7. Memorizing the Christmas playlist by the first week of November

Mainly because there were only 8 different songs in total.

8. When butter goes on sale and your entire shift is spent writing up rain checks.

People are VERY passionate about their butter.

9. Having a customer that only bought items from the bulk section, and didn't fill out any of the PLU tabs.


10. Getting picked to move over to garden centre for the summer was a VERY big deal.

Me? Thank you so much. Firstly, I want to thank my general manager, my parents, and the entire Fortino's family. I could not have been moved to garden centre without you!

11. Trying to explain to people that produce is often charged by weight and not quantity.

Please just let me do my job.

12. When the night crew comes in and the store has a whole new vibe.

They might as well be aliens invading planet earth. We come in peace!

13. Accidentally leaving work while still wearing your hairnet.

Oh, this? Yeah, it's a new look I'm trying.

14. Hearing the "Not scanning? Must be free!" joke from every dad that comes through your till.

HAHA good one sir.

15. When customers tell you how nice it is outside, and you have 8 hours left of work.

Oh! :)

16. Forever being jealous of the stock boys that got to make the cool designs out of the pop displays.

It's like Art Attack come to life.