16 Struggles All York Students Know To Be True

Nope, the subway station still isn't done yet.

Whether you’re a proud York alumni or are currently undergoing your studies at the institution, you can’t deny that some of the struggles we go through are quintessential to the York University experience. See how many you’ve come across in your time at York in the list below!

1. When your professor emails at the last possible minute to cancel your morning class but you’re already halfway through your 2-hour commute.

Now the only choice left to make is whether you’ll make the rest of the trek to school anyway in order to sit around and wait 6 hours (6… hours!) for your afternoon class, or say “screw it” and take the day off.

2. You don’t bother going to Scott Library to study anymore because there’s never anywhere to sit.

Five whole floors and yet you still can’t find a single seat… bruh.

3. It feels like the construction surrounding the new subway station is never-ending.

How many times have they pushed back the completion date anyway? Two, three times? It doesn’t help that you've only got five minutes to get to class and your bus is forever stalled in Bus Loop traffic caused by all the construction.

4. The utter lack of school spirit - York has to bribe its students with cupcakes and coffee mugs on “Red and White Day” just to get a few of us to wear the school’s colours.

We are a commuter school (we just want to get in, get our degrees, and get out). #YUSpirit

5. You have to sign in to AirYork every 5 minutes just to stay connected to the WiFi…

… if it’ll even connect at all, that is.

6. If you’re one of the few that attends York’s lesser known Glendon campus, Keele students will ask which college you’re affiliated with and then immediately follow up with, “Glendon… ? What’s that?”

Or worse, they know it’s a bilingual campus and ask if you’re fluent in French, to which you must cringe inwardly and admit that no, after four years and several FSL courses later, you still can’t really speak the language.

7. Saturday and Sunday are included in your 5-day “Reading Week.”

As if we didn’t already have those days off to begin with. You aren’t fooling us, York U.

8. You could be in your fourth or fifth year and still need to check campus maps sometimes.

Don’t bother asking a random stranger for directions, either - they likely only know how to get to their own classes and back. You’re on your own, kid.

9. Hearing about yet another lockdown, robbery, or assault and thinking, “Damn, again?!”

It’s probably the fourth one that semester alone. *facepalm*

10. You got pumped for Frosh Week as an incoming first-year, but quickly realized that it's actually kind of lame and you should've saved your money.

Just to be brutally honest here, if having a truly crazy, unforgettable Frosh experience is what you were looking for, you may have applied to the wrong school - a lot of YU Froshies realize this a few days in and stop showing up for Frosh events halfway through the week. Just sayin'.

11. You have to wait until 6:30 the morning of your 8:30 class to find out if it’s been cancelled due to extreme weather.

For us commuters, this means rolling over while still half asleep and squinting, bleary-eyed, into our phone's way-too-bright-right-now screen, fumbling to York's weather bulletin page online with fingers crossed. Sometimes, though, you just gotta take the reins yourself and declare your own Snow Day, amirite?

12. York always posts their exam schedule super last minute.

When you finally do get a hold of it, you realize you have an exam scheduled for the weekend... or worse, what was supposed to be a holiday (Easter Monday final, anyone?).

13. The employees at the Tim's near Curtis Lecture Hall never give you enough time to order.

I mean, I know I'll probably order a medium French Vanilla (again), but dang, can I not get just 10 seconds to think it over though?!

14. The shuttle bus drivers always give you a hard time about having your York ID.

Look, man, I understand it's part of your job to check for ID and all, but do you reaaaally think I'd even bother hanging around here if I wasn't a student, let alone trying to commute to the Glendon campus or to student housing in the Village? Make both of our lives easier and just let me on the damn bus, please and thank you.

15. The semi-annual Poster Sale means you avoid Vari Hall like the plague.

Unless you enjoy the experience of a claustrophobic crowd blocking your path, that is. Or, alternatively, you use it as a perfectly valid reason to miss that class you're now already 15 minutes late to. Hey, I ain't judging ya, more power to you.

16. You will probably not make it through a 4-year degree without your studies being sidetracked by a unionized strike at least once.

“Soooo, like, does this mean my graduation is gonna be postponed, or…?”

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