Being a Toronto lifeguard can be a great job in the summer, from getting a killer tan to making new friends, it definitely has it's perks, but every rose has it's thorn. 

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Between fussy kids and their parents, heat waves and swimsuit malfunctions, lifeguarding can be a pain, so here are 16 struggles that every lifeguard knows all too well. 

1 . Trying to convince your boss that the plane flying by is actually the sound of thunder so that you can close the pool early. 

"Yea I totally saw a thunderstorm prediction on the weather channel this morning."

2. When slow lane swimmers go in the fast lane and you have to engage in the world's most awkward interaction to get their attention and ask them to move. 

Try getting a stranger's attention while they're underwater..

3. Having to clean up diapers and band-aids left behind in the changing rooms. 

Nothing like ending a 9 hour shift by spending a half hour picking up used band aids!

4. Forgetting your sunglasses for your shift. 

Don't mind me I'm just going to spend this entire shift wondering if I'm going to end up blind by the end of the day!

5. Always having a flip flop tan. 

R.I.P to any and every pair of cute shoes that show it off.

6. Always having a one-piece tan. 

Nothing says Summer like a full body tan line throwing a wrench in every outfit every right?

7. Nearly breaking several bones when you make the mistake of sitting on a flutter board for the first time. 

And of course the hot guy you work with just saw the whole thing go down.

8. Having to guard in a wet chair because the person on guard before you swam during their break. 

Then walking around looking like you peed yourself when you get off the chair.

9. Getting into daily arguments with 10 year olds who won't stop doing flips in the shallow end. 

Also while I've got your attention what is the point of bringing a fidget spinner into the pool???

10. Getting into daily arguments with full grown adults who won't stop doing flips in the shallow end. 

Ok come on I just told your kids this?!

11. Navigating the obstacle course that is getting by people lying on the pool deck during a busy day. 

Excuse me! Excuse me!

12. Getting through any shift when theres a heat wave and the entire city decides that your pool is the perfect place to cool off. 

I can't even see the pool anymore it's just bodies everywhere.

13. When it's overcast and people still show up. 

It's nearly raining right now... seriously?

14. Having to clean baby poop out of the pool. 

Then realizing whenever you go in the pool that you are swimming in a giant pool of children's pee.

15. The constant sound of screaming children. 

By the end of the Summer I'm going to be partially deaf.

16. Being heckled by people waiting for you to open the pool. 

Listen, nothing you say is going to make me cut my break early so you can get in the pool 10 minutes earlier than opening- sorry not sorry!