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16 Struggles Torontonians Have Studying In Quebec

We're conditioned to our fate, we will never graduate.
16 Struggles Torontonians Have Studying In Quebec

Many students from Toronto move out of province for their post- secondary education because they want to live away from home. A lot of these students make a  move to Quebec and for those of you who lived there, must agree you made the right decision!

As a proud Bishop's University Alumni, I had the opportunity to live in Quebec for 4 years. I must say those were some of the best days of my life because I experienced many new things on French Canadian soil (that probably would have never happened in Toronto). I was able to purchase my own alcohol, as soon as I turned 18 I ran to the SAQ!

However just like any other place, there are a couple of struggles I stumbled upon and I would like to share them with you. If you choose to study in Quebec, I promise you won't regret it, but just keep in mind these 16 Struggles Torontonians Have Studying In Quebec:

1.  Get ready for 100000000 cm of snow.


2. Floods are a reg thing, so make the most of it - like this guy ^.

3.  Oh and your car might deep freeze from bipolar weather.

4. Your car won't make it anywhere if you don't have winter tires.

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5.  You'll get pulled over just because you have an Ontario plate.

6. The MTL metro seems to be much more complicated than the TTC.

7. Poutines are sold on every corner = inevitable weight gains.

8.  You're doomed if you booo the Habs.

9. You're pretty much nobody because you can't even vote.

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10. Good luck finding a summer job.

11. Rent is cheap, but for 4/12 months you pay for a place you don't even live in.

12. Don't even bother giving directions.

13. Make sure you have local friends that speak French & English.

14. Try getting pampered when all the services are in french and you have no idea what you're getting.

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15. There's no such thing as Family Day.

16 . It's not easy to get home: choose between a 6 hr car ride,  a 4 hour train ride or a 300$ flight with Porter Airlines.


17: Legal Age is 18.

18.  You can buy beers/wine @ the gas station and grocery store.

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