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16 Telltale Signs You're A Clueless First Year Student At York University

Every September an influx of new students appear on campus, travelling in packs, decked out in school attire (high school and university), while running around carefree and a little bit confused, most likely because they're lost. But if you're not a frosh, then you can at least relate to being one because we've all been there. That's why we know how to spot ya.

Here are the dead giveaways to spot a newbie at York or some things to avoid if you're trying not to be "that frosh":

1. They're wearing their college's shirt.

Those shirts they give you a Frosh Week are only meant for Frosh Week. Buying the merchandise of your college faculty is always a giveaway you're a froshie. You look too excited.

2. They're racing back and forth between the South side of the Ross Building and the North.

3. They keep telling everyone, "My school has a mall!"

4. They still panic when they get an e-mail from York.

Calm down, it's just another security bulletin.

5. They're completely baffled that Tim Horton's doesn't accept debit or credit.

We all actually are.

6. They look lost (because they probably are) or they're carrying around a campus map and stopping at every sign they see.

Just pretend you know where you're going, it's fine.

7. They show up too early for lectures.

The professor isn't even there yet, so obviously they stand right in front of the door.

8. They actually wear red and white on Red and White day.

9. They're a little confused when their exam location says "Rexall Centre".

Yes, we write exams in the tennis court."Focused on grade point, not game point."

10. They're carrying bags of laundry across campus to the bus loop outside of Vari Hall to bring home.

11. They're walking outside in the cold when they don't have to.

What do you mean there's a tunnel?

12. They're standing in line at the William Small Centre when you walk by...and they're still standing there when you walk back half an hour later.

Probably waiting for their student card.

13. They stop and talk to the people shouting at you between the Ross Building and Vari Hall.

14. They buy all their textbooks from the campus book store.

15. They've gained the freshman 15.

It's like visiting the mall food court...three to six times a day, every day.

16. They still think the subway on Keele campus will be done "soon".

The experience of being a first year is not something you'll soon forget, even if you want to. That time with the awkward ice breaker and walking into the wrong lecture hall, they're moments that will hang heavily on your heart, in fondness and with an underlying ting of embarrassment, and that will never go away. Just kidding. Don't worry, nothing will be held against you. We're all still learning, it is school after all.

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