16 Things In Toronto To Do On Your Own If Your Friends Are Flakey

Ridin solo.
16 Things In Toronto To Do On Your Own If Your Friends Are Flakey

Straight up, sometimes people suck. You make plans, get ready- and then BAM, they call and cancel and you're left stranded. Honestly, one of the worst feelings in the world. Friends like that drive you up a wall, but sometimes this just makes for a silver lining.

Doing things alone in a city like Toronto, is honestly a lot of fun. With so many people here, even if you're on a solo venture, you always end up being surrounded by tons of people, making you feel less alone. So, push away the bad feelings left by flaky friends and turn things around by enjoying your own company!

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Solo Adventures

People watching Sundays Kensignton Market

While Pedestrian Sundays are done, people watching with a warm drink in your hand while strolling the market will never end. Shop around, or plant yourslef somewhere and watch the folks of the market go about their day. If you're lucky, there are many live up and coming singers performing to get some spotlight- you might just be there to discover your new favourite artist!

Rent a bike and go along the harbourfront

While the weather is still nice, this is one of my favourite things to do alone in Toronto. Biking or walking along the harbourfront trails presents many little gems, like the Music Garden, and people bustling about. The views along the way are some of the best the city has to offer.

Picnic at Riverdale Park

Hot drink, food, blanket- you're now good to go. Perch yourself against a tree or on the hills, read a book and simply enjoy some alone time. Sometimes when people flake on you, the simplest things alone end up being the moost rewarding!

Boardwalk hikes at Crothers Woods

Stray from the trails, and walk down boardwalks and stairs instead! These woods by the Don Valley present some of the most stunning fall colours in the city. Toronto might have many trails, but this unique adventure is certainly one for the books.

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Solo Meals

Bar Fancy

Where: 1070 Queen St W. // West Queen West

Unlike it's name, this place is not fancy at all. In fact, this tucked away place in the West Queen West area is a perfect little place for you to hideaway. The intimate and small space makes it very easy for you to meet new people, so you might come alone, but you won't leave it alone!

The Sidekick

Where: 1374 Queen St E. // Leslieville

If you love comics and coffee, this place will be paradise for you. The comic book store and coffee shop has comfy seating, complete with a cozy fireplace. You'll feel very at home here and will have tonnes of comics to indulge in. Easily a spot to spend hours at and enjoy your own company.


Where: 100 Cumberland St // Yorkville

Just because you're running solo for a day, doesn't mean you can't have a high end meal. Treat yourself to a great lunch or dinner at this restaurant in the bougie Yorkville neighbourhood. Dining solo in an upscale is very underrated and should be done more often in my opinion!

Seven Lives

Where: 69 Kensington Ave // Chinatown

Nothing, and I mean nothing, is better than some great tacos- especially when you do not have to share them or sit there with someone who does not appreciate is like you do. This Kensington market gem, is always because and for good reason. They have delicious tacos, and amongst all those people it'll be hard to miss the friends who flaked- trust me.

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Solo Activities

Movie date for one at Imagine Cinemas

Where: 20 Carlton St // Church and Wellesley

I live for cheap Tuesday at this theatre. For $5 you can have a perfect solo movie night for one- an activity that is very underrated. There's something unique and exciting about going to the movies by yourself that people really miss out on. Plus, all the snacks and popcorn are allllll yours.  

Yoga Class at YogaTree

Where: Multiple locations

Find some inner peace and connection with yourself, and take a yoga class. Whether you're a beginner or a yoga guru, classes here are highly recommended. There's many locations for you to choose from, so go find that inner peace!

Bite Beauty Lip Bar

Where: 678 Queen St W. // West Queen West

Lipstick lovers paradise, that takes it to a whole new level. Spend time here to not only check out the greatest lip colours yet, but also create your own! With the help of the in lab creators, you can make the shade of your dreams.

The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery 

Where: 231 Queen Quay // Harbourfront

Located inside an ACTUAL power plant, this art gallery is unlike any other. The contemporary art is breathtaking, and you can get lost here for hours without having to worry about someone rushing you. Yet another experience that is very underappreciated! 

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