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16 Things To Do In Toronto This Weekend

Your party plan is right here.
16 Things To Do In Toronto This Weekend

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Hello Toronto! The weekend is almost upon us and it's almost time to shed the stresses of the week and get out and let loose for the weekend! This is the first post in a weekly series that Narcity Toronto will be bringing to you every Wednesday that will keep you up to speed with everything going on over the weekend, so if you're like everybody else in Toronto and have been too busy keeping up with your work and school life to know what's going on then let us be your guide!

Thursday, January 22nd

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For the Hip-Hop heads, Chessclub is hosting their album release party with support from Ev Ree Wuhn & Knamelis at The Piston, so if you love great music brought to you by local artists this is certainly a jam to check out. View Event>

One floor parties are always fun, but two floors of party is twice the good times! DANCE FABIO DANCE Vol. 1 will be kicking off at Smiling Buddha, with DJ Caff & DJ FBomb bringing you everything from r&b to rap, from Indie to Beyonce, and as they put it "Party like Fabio; liquor will be flowing like his hair and tunes will be pumping like his muscles". View Event>

If you've never been to Weldon Park before, then Strangelove Thursdays should be on your list. With g-house, future house, and hip hop blasting through the system in this College St venue you can be sure it's going to be hot hot hot inside, and I'm not just talking temperature! View Event>

Friday, January 23rd

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Hoxton, the home of Focus Fridays, will be getting lit up with the sounds of STWO from Paris & Toronto's Memorecks! These nights never disappoint so you can be confident you'll have a wild night, just be sure to show up early to avoid the long lineups in the cold! View Event>

With the way the economy has been lately we've all got yo do our part to stimulate it, and it starts at home. MRKT event series is having their first of 2015 collective at 2nd Floor this weekend. This event is not only going to have great music, but it's also a place where you can check out and buy stuff from local retailers, sip on some craft cocktails, and full your stomach with yummy street food, all while getting that feel good vibe of supporting local businesses! View Event>

Photo Cred- Nick Wons

Looking for something different from the usual club and bar events? Well the 10th annual Great Canadian Girlesque Burlesque Expo is kicking off a sexy weekend of events starting with this event at Cherry Cola's. Hosted by Mysterion you can bet your bottom dollar that you will be catching some of the hottest burlesque acts in the city! They have a whole weekend of events planned so check out this post to get all the info. View Event>

Lily lounge will be rammed to the rafters with vibes this night for Sykosis Rave Promotion's 23 Hop Reunion in the basement banging out the sounds of old school Jungle/Drum & Bass thrown down by some of Toronto's veterans the likes of Sniper, Marcus Visionary, Rick Toxic, Mr Brown and more. View Event>

If that BPM is a little too fast for your liking you can take a trip to the main floor of Lily Lounge for DRIPPIN & DROPPIN & TRIPPIN HOUSE BEATS presented by Fusion Entertainment. That's right, two crews, two floors, two sounds, one roof. Like I said Lily Lounge will be stacked this Friday! View Event>

Photo Cred- Nick Wons

This weekend also marks the closing events of Toronto's legendary nightclub, The Guvernment. With that said, in true Guv fashion, the people at INK Entertainment are going to guarantee you one heck of a final weekend inside this Toronto landmark before it faces the wrecking ball, starting with Armin Van Buuren's final set at Guv. View Event>

Saturday, January 24th

For all the Techno fans out there you're not going to want to miss Off Foundry bringing you a 3+ HOUR SET from none other than Jeff Mills at 99 Sudbury this weekend alongside some special guests TBA. I don't think there's a single techno lover in their right mind in Toronto that would miss this! View Event>

Second night of closing ceremonies at The Guvernment will bring you Knife Party with Guv's residents Mark Oliver as well as Manzone&Strong. As mentioned before and I will keep stressing, this is the FINAL WEEKEND AT GUV, EVER... Years from now you don't want to be saying "Yeah, I heard of Guv, never made it there once though" because that would be a sad thing to admit. View Event>

Photo Cred- Insight Imaging

Resonance is a new series of events launching for 2015 and they will be kicking it off at Cabal featuring the bumpin sounds of Rezz, NuAlias, Pairanoid and Safari Boys. It's sure to be a winner and packed with beautiful people and music of all kinds. Be there for the first night so you can be the first to let your friends know about this sweet new set of events. View Event>

Had your share of the usual club events recently? Have you gone skating yet this year at Harbourfront Centre's outdoor skating rink? Well if you said "Yes" to the first question and "No" to the second one then when asked if you'll be at the Motown Party on Ice your answer should be "YES!". Lace up those skates and "skate what your momma gave ya!" to the sounds of DJ Caff, Steve Rock, and DJ Misty on the coolest dancefloor in the city. View Event>

Rounding out Saturday we've got Bassline Music Bar hosting The Come Up with Boots Boogie, Douglas Carter, Dick Diamonds and more, spinning that groovin 4 X 4 sound all night long, plus this event is NO COVER/PWYC (Pay What You Can) so "I don't have money for cover" isn't an excuse for you staying at home this evening. View Event>

Sunday, January 25th

In my opinion there is no better way to end off the weekend (or if you're in the industry then it's start your weekend) than with a visit to Church Sundays at Tota Lounge. Every week is a different lineup and so this week will be featuring the sounds of Inner City Dance ( Marcus Visionary & Lush) putting out the smooth rolling Drum & Bass tunes we all love in a nice intimate venue. Come out and get blessed with some of the city's best and make this your new weekly tradition! View Event>

Photo Cred- Elif Rey

LAST CALL FOR GUV! LAST CALL FOR GUV!!!! That's it! That's all! ladies and gents this is OFFICIALLY the last event ever to be held in The Guvernment and so they have brought out Toronto's big guns, Deadmau5 & Mark Oliver. Sad to see this venue go, but it's the best send off they could have planned. View Event>

So there we have it, those are the events for this weekend! Hope you have yourselves a wicked and safe weekend!

Narcity Toronto wants to know about your events, reach out to me on Facebook to let me know: Nick Wons

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