We have all at one point or another looked back on our life choices and wondered "WHY?!", like actually "WHY?!"

Whether it was a regretful outfit or a regretful ex, somethings are better left in the past. But we've decided (against out better judgement) that it's time to go down memory lane and rehash some of every Toronto girl's biggest faux pas.

1. Go to a 'Down With Webster' concert.

'Rich Girl' was your anthem and the lead singer was totally hot, but similar to our checkered Vans, we grew out of our DWW phase.

2. Wait for a guy to make the first move.

Back in the day, it was an unwritten rule that guys should make the first move. Thankfully, we have since evolved and are perfectly capable of asking a dude for drinks at the new Harry Potter bar, the Lockhart. In fact, apps like Bumble have basically proven it's our duty as women to lead and make the first move.

3. Go to The Guv

Not because there was anything wrong with Guv, (although the all-ages events you attend may have been a questionable choice) but simply because it's closed. RIP

4. Wear a Native American Headdress To VELD

These may have been a festival staple back then, but now you wouldn't be caught dead in one. Why? Well for one they are banned from most festivals, including Veld, due to their insensitivity to aboriginal culture. And second, they were way too much of a hassle to wear, like why try so hard right?

5. Wearing sequins dresses for New Years at Liberty Grand.

Sequins were all the rage a few years back, especially when it came to ringing in the new year. Remember the gradient sequin dresses? That went from one colour of sequins to the next? No? Neither do we...

6.  Shop at A&F in the Eaton's Centre.

There is not shame in admitting that you used to rock inappropriately low-rise A&F jeans back in the day, we all did.

7. Wear an American Apparel backless body suit to C Lounge.

You would never do this again for two reasons: 1. C Lounge is long gone and has been converted to the ultra cool The Addison's, and 2. We all realized that looking naked from behind, while also suffering from hardcore panty lines, was not a good look.

8. Use BBM.

Okay, so we kinda of really miss BBM. Iphone read receipts just aren't the same as R bombing.

9. Wear UGGS with Roots socks all of fall and winter.

We're really happy we grew out of this look and discovered the world of sleek leather riding boots. We no longer look like Hobbits waking around Trinity Bellwoods with our PSLs....

10. Go to Eaton's Centre just to hang out and not actually shop.

Or Sherway, or Square One or any other mall in the GTA. We were notorious for just going to the mall to hang out with our friends and not even buying anything...but why? Nowadays, we can't stand crowded malls and prefer to be antisocial by sticking to online shopping in our underwear.

11. Rent hotel rooms for big nights out in Toronto.

Because now we actually live here. HIGH FIVE!

12. Use taxis.

There was once a time were you couldn't just press a button on you phone that magically summoned a stranger to pick you up in his Toyota Camry, complete with waters and mints. Therefore, cabs were the only way a girl could prevent ruining her heels...ya, things were weird back then. #Uber4Life

13.  Think that Mexican food was only attainable at Taco Bell.

You would never EVER go back to Taco Bell after the culinary masterpiece that is Chipotle finally came to Toronto a few years back. Not to mention the endless Mexican restaurants from El Catrin to La Carnita you've discovered over time.

14. Wearing TNA Tracksuits.

'nuff said.

15. Limit our Starbuck's choice to only Frappaccinos.

And then you looked at Nutrition facts , had a mini-heart attack and vowed to leave Strawberry and Cream Fraps in the past...along with all your other bad choices.

 16. Write on each others Facebook walls.

No, really...there is nothing more cringe worthy than going back and seeing what you wrote on your friends walls back in 2011: "Omg Alex I'm watching the VMAs and Beyonce just announced she's prego! HOW EXCITED ARE YOU?! Anyways, txt me! &heartz"