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16 Thoughts You First Have When You Go To Cabana Pool Bar

Toronto's craziest pool party experience.
16 Thoughts You First Have When You Go To Cabana Pool Bar

When you're looking for a city escape, but you're too comfortable with the glamorous Toronto lifestyle, finding a spot to hang out at can be challenge. 

But with the city's biggest outdoor venue, Cabana Pool Bar, you can get a taste of pool partying with good drinks, live DJs and a sweet view of Toronto.

1. "What do I wear?"

Should you go with a swimsuit or a matching two piece outfit with heels, the dress code varies on how you interpret "beach meets club".

2. "Why did I just pay $15 for an alcoholic slushie?"

They might be pricey, but they're delicious AF, and boy do they pack a punch!

3. "There's a smoker's pit in an outdoor venue..."

You can only smoke in the open air in a specific area, so don't think about lighting up a cig in the middle of the crowd near the DJ booth!

4. "Am I at a UFC match instead?"

As with all clubs, a group of macho bros is going to square up against another group of macho bros. So sit back and enjoy the fight, because the daylight makes it completely visible unlike at nightclubs!

5. "What is the weight capacity of these balconies?"

So you've finally made it up onto the upper level. And as you look around you're enclosed into a pool of humans. God forbid a zombie apocalypse happens while you're up there!

6. "OMG they sell food!"

Yes! One of the best things to ever happen to you while you're there. French fries, drinks, poolside, life is swell. Did I also forget to mention the food is by Oliver Bonacini?

7. "Does it really have to end at 10pm?"

When you're out having a day of fun at Cabana and then see the staff taking down the Cabanas when it hits closer to 10pm, it's a whole new kind of heartbreak.

8. "Does the bottle service here cost an arm and a leg?"

Yes it indeed does. But if you rolled in with your squad, bottle service becomes a financial group effort. Teamwork makes the dream work!

9. "My choice: the pool or the dancefloor?"

Do you really want to risk missing Manzone and Strong play your summer anthem while you're in the pool? Or would you rather just stay floating and cool off? Decisions, decisions.

10. "Where do I put my pool floatie?"

Probably something totally extra, but if you're trying to stunt for the gram it's a great move. Enjoy it for a bit before some drunk guy jumps on it and bursts your lovely floating unicorn.

11. "Why is no one dancing yet?"

Because it's daylight. When everyone's got drinks in their system and the sun starts to set, that's when things get more ratchet!

12. "So this is what being day drunk actually feels like."

Being day drunk at home with a bag of gummy worms is totally different from being day drunk at pool bar surrounded by hundreds of others who are also day drunk.

13. "Does every girl that works here look like a VS model?"

Tall, perfect hair and toned bodies, these bartenders and bottle service girls look like they came straight off the runway.

14. "What happens if it rains?"

Assuming it rains like a b*tch and the only shelter there is are the cabanas, you're probably not in a good situation and should call your Uber ASAP.

15. "Is it just me or are two-thirds of the people here wearing white?"

The best excuse to wear white is when you're going to Cabana. You'll match with the decor and structures and it'll keep you cool in the sun. And besides, what other place in Toronto would you show up to in white pants?

16. "Would I come here again?"

Um... is that even a question? Hell yea! Despite having the most foreign club experience compared to anything you've had in Toronto, yes you will return, and yes you will invest in getting a Cabana next time.

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