16 Toronto Places To Treat Yo'self After Exams

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16 Toronto Places To Treat Yo'self After Exams

Exams suck.  Even if you study, and completely ace your finals, exams still suck.  You probably gained a few stress pimples, you ate lick shit because you didn't have time to cook, and your social life went down the toilet. But on the bright side, you survived! Gone are the weeks full of mental breakdowns and serious wine cravings.

It is finally winter break, which means you need to treat yo'self.  I have compiled a list of # Toronto places to spoil yourself this winter break.  Whether you're looking to eat your feelings, toast to your good grades, or get into relaxation mode, I have you covered.

Enjoy Toronto! 

1. Pamper yourself at Her Majesty's Pleasure

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2. Get our your aggression at Toronto's Battle Sports

3. Celebrate cheat day at Peace Treats

4. Relax while enjoying a winter walk through High Park

5. Cheers to your winter break at Cibo wine bar

6. Revitalize your inner savage at Locals Only

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7. Nurse your exam hang over at Saturday Dinette

8. Catch up with your BFF over coffee at Fika

9. Become one with nature at Cloud Gardens

10. Enjoy a cozy night of board games at Snakes and Lattes

11. Say goodbye to your exam zits at Hammam Spa

12. Forget about classes and get into the holiday spirit at the Christmas Market

13. Pretend you're not enduring -30 degree weather at Good Fortune Bar

14. Show your Toronto pride at a Raptors game

15. Indulge in your favourite (and vegan) comfort food at Doomies

16.  Stay active while ice skating at Evergreen Brickwork's Winter Village

Sara Sandham
Staff Writer
Sara Sandham was a writer with Narcity Media.
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