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16 Unique Classes You Must Try At Least Once In Toronto

Unleash your creative spirit.
16 Unique Classes You Must Try At Least Once In Toronto

In the pursuit of stepping out of your comfort zone, you signed up for salsa lessons. After that, you tried cooking, wine tasting, and even pole dancing.

If you feel like you've done it all, and that there aren't any more fun activities left to fill your free time with, I'm here to tell you that you're wrong!

If you're looking to gain a new skill, find a fun new form of exercise, or just meet some interesting new people, there's more out there than you could’ve possibly imagined. Here are 16 creative classes you can try in Toronto. 

1. Improv Class // The Second City Training Centre

Improv is a type of live theatre in which the actors create the story in the moment through communication and creativity. Improvisation is said to be good for the creative mind as it cultivates a growth mindset, increases listening skills, frees the mind, limits judgement, and enables an ability to live in the moment. You don't need to be an actor or have any acting skills to benefit from improv. In "Yes, Please", Amy Poehler notes that the rules she learned in improv dictate how she lives her daily life: "Listen, say yes, live in the moment, make sure you play with people who have your back, make big choices early and often."

2. Suspension Yoga // The Flying Yogi

While this may seem gimmicky, the suspension element of this particular practice has its own set of benefits. Inversion relieves back pain and helps with posture and spinal mobility. Plus, it looks like way more fun than regular yoga!

3. Flight Simulator Lesson  // Ufly

When you were twelve, you secretly loved the 'video-game skilled child rescuing a plummeting aircraft' trope, and you patiently awaited your chance to be that kid while you trained fervently on your Nintendo DS. If you're still aching to live out that fantasy, here's another thing you can do to prepare yourself. Ufly's Flight Simulator offers an experience that simulates a real commercial flight and gives the impression of having flown a real aircraft. You'll learn lots, and be one step closer to saving hundreds if you're ever on an otherwise doomed flight. *knocks on wood*

 4. Creative Living // Hart House

The U of T activity centre, a.k.a. Hart House, offers creative living classes for non-students. What is a creative living class, you ask? Some of the courses offered by Hart House include: "Freedom from Self-Consciousness", "Empowering Your Presence", and "Expressing Your Creative Imagination". While these classes were initially intended to ground actors and help them give more veracious performances, these classes are a useful alternative to anyone who is bored of reading Eckhart Tolle novels.

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5. Circus Classes // Toronto School of Circus Arts

Maybe you've tried tumbling or ground arts at gymnastics way back in the day, but you most likely haven't dabbled in silks or trapeze. Yet. At the Toronto School of Circus Arts, you can trade your Saturday night sitting at Cirque Du Soleil for a night of living it. Leotard optional.

6. Makeup Lessons // Multiple Locations

This sounds silly, but it is useful. Even if you never become a professional makeup artist, knowing the tricks of the trade will have a long-term payoff. You'll always have the ability to transform yourself or a friend -whether it be for an event or everyday - without having to pay someone else, or even leave your home.

 7. Beer Brewing // Black Creek Pioneer Village

At Black Creek Pioneer village, there are several classes you can enrol in that teach you how different commodities were constructed back in the day. Black Creek Pioneer Village offers beer brewing, as well as fabric-making, broom-making, and copper-making. The Beer Brewing course takes you on a taste-filled trip from the 1860s to present day as you explore the flavours and history of stouts, porters, ales, and lagers. You will get to create, appreciate, and taste different beers throughout the course of the class.

8. Kangoo Jumps // Kangoo Club Toronto

If you've never heard of Kangoo Jumps, they look like a combination of a ski boot and a trampoline. Kangoo Jumps were developed for joggers, runners and athletes, with the intention of reducing impact thanks to the rebound element. At Kangoo Club Toronto, exercise has never been more fun. And, the first class is FREE!

9. Body Painting // Virgo Visual Artistry 

You can take a single, 2-hour class in which you learn airbrush body painting. I am not sure how much you can retain from a single class, nor am I sure what you would need said information for, but if you are intrigued to find out, sign up and let us know!

10. Hula Hoop Exercise Class // Hoopersonic

Forget pole dancing! The hottest new way to work out is with a Hula Hoop. At Hoopersonic, you don't work out - you play!

11. Lingerie Making // The Make Den

At this creative centre, you will learn how to work with different textiles to create purses, pillow cases, and even lingerie! Think creatively as you design your own creations and then bring something tangible to life.

12. Beyoncé Dancing // Multiple Locations

Do you want to learn how to dance like Beyoncé? Don't answer that, it's obviously rhetorical. You can attempt to master Queen Bey's style and learn some Beyography with Nicky Nasrallah at Elevation Dancecentre Studio. Or, you can hit up The Underground Dance Centre, where Kaela Faloon teaches the equivalent style, but non-eponymously named "Heels" class.

13. Storytelling & Public Speaking // The Second City Training Centre

If you loved Improv, check out The Second City's Storytelling and Public speaking classes! Do you ever ruin a great story by stumbling with the execution? Acquire the techniques of becoming a better story teller, and by proxy, become a more interesting conversationalist. No more being talked over; all eyes and ears will be on you!

 14. Survival Skills // Canadian Survival Schools

You know how in The Office Dwight lacked all basic social and style skills, but still had a soaring level of confidence and condescension for others? It's because of his superior fighting and survival skills (as he never failed to go a season without mentioning 8 times). You heard it here first: the key to confidence is mastering basic survival skills. The Canadian Survival Schools hosts several instructions centres all over the country, with 13 in Ontario.

15. Burlesque Dancing // Toronto School Of Burlesque

At the Toronto School of Burlesque, you will learn to dance in a totally different way. Here, the focus is more on moves than routines and technique. It is all about adding to your "arsenal of tease" that you can either take straight home to your lover, or to the stage for your next routine.

16. Medieval Fighting Class // Academy of European Medieval Martial Arts

At AEMMA, you can acquire self-defence and fitness skills in the authentic medieval martial arts technique derived from the 15th century. You will also have a guaranteed job lined up at Medieval Times, and make friends who finally get you.

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