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17 Amazing Toronto Cafes For People Who Don't Like Coffee

I've met a fair share of people in my life who do not drink coffee.  These people are not psychopaths, but rather, men and women who love a good tea, bubble tea, or miscellaneous beverage

These coffee-free people might be on to something. Coffee, when paired with heavy creams and sweet, sweet sugars, isn't all that great for us. Not to mention that caffeine dependancy has us itching for our fix every morning. 

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Though coffee is king in this crazy world of ours, tea and other bevies still rule - atleast in our eyes. Here are 17 amazing cafes for the people who say no to a cup-of-joe in your life. 

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1. Plentea // 1205 Queen St W.

Pleantea is dedicated solely to amazing teas, which makes it a must-hit on this list. They grind all the ingrediants for their teas just like espresso, to make the flavours super strong and rich. Try their famous Thai Dragon for a caffeine kick with hint of coconut!

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2. Simit & Chai Company // 787 King St. W. 

This Turkish cafe is home of all things instagrammable, from their delish Turkish bagels to amazing chai teas. Order a cup to stay for some adorable china.

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3. Tealish Modern Tea Boutique // 367 Roncesvalles Ave.

This boutique is a tea lovers dream, equipped with countless varities of every type of tea from green to white to blackest of black. Enjoy cups or tins to go!

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4. Kitten and the Bear // 1574 Queen St. W.

A scone with your tea? Kitten and the bear produces an amazingly dainty tea time spread with delectable scones and homemade jams and jellies. Any of which perfectly pair with their selection of Sloane teas!

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5. Crimson Teas //  415 Spadina Ave. 

"We do tea seriously here" is Crimson Teas' motto, which is pretty fking cool. This Chinatown spot focuses on hollistic wellness teas that taste great and are great for you. They also serve up some tasty dim-sum and noodle dishes to accompany your drinks!

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6. Annvita Tea Room //  5437 Yonge St. 

Fk your tea goals, Annvita has the most beautiful Victorian tea room this side of North America. Tiny finger sandwiches, pastries and elegant china makes this a gorgeous spot for any true tea-lover.

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7. Tsaa Tea Shop // 412 Danforth Ave.

This Danforth cafe is owned and operated by long time tea lovers, which makes sense why it is so adored by the tea-sipping community. They carry over 125 loose-leaf teas for you to sift through and steep.

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8. Infuse Cafe // 354 Yonge St. 

This cafe quite literally fuses flavours together with a vaccum like mechanic force to yield the most tasty teas around. Our fav? The tumeric and ginger.

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9. Light Cafe // 23 Baldwin St. 

These delicious and creamy teas are definitely more exciting than coffee with fresh fruit garnish and tons of flavour!

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11. Jule // 20 Carlton St

Jule has the boba game on lock with their delicious bubble teas. Want to add even more yum? Order some thin matcha crepes!

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12. One Hour // 435 Spadina Ave

This relaxed cafe is best known for their Roselle Slush garnished with real rose petals. If you are what you eat, you'll be fresh as a flower with this drink!

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13. Tsujiri // 147 Dundas St. W.

Get your caffeine fix in a fun way with Tsujiri's matcha soft serve! This stuff is delicious and a whole lot less serious than a cup of Joe.

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14. Field Trip Cafe // 3 Westmoreland Ave.

Field Trip is aesthetic AF and offers tons of bevvy options from delicious hot and iced teas, to ciders and beers. Crack open whatever you're in the mood for and pot a squat on their patio.

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15. Royaltea // 4188 Finch Ave East.

This super hip tea shop sells bubble tea in the most unconventional packages - like lightbulbs and even IV bags!

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16. Bampot Bohemian House of Tea // 201 Harbord Street 

I can speak from experience in saying that this is hands down one of the coolest and cutest spots ever. Ev-Er. Bampot offers cozy middle-eastern style decor with private nooks and open spaces for you to sit down and relax with a pot of tasty tea and a selection of nostalgic board games. Just add good company.

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17. The Walton // 607 College St. 

This is one of our favourite cafes in the city. Not only is The Walton too cute for words, it serves amazing pastries, snacks and drinks. Stop in anytime for anything.

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