Whether you're snapping a pic of the atmosphere, getting a candid of you holding an overpriced cocktail in a cute tiki cup (which we all secretly want to keep), or just taking in a pic of the views- there's no denying the infinite possibilities of a great insta from a Toronto patio. Because we're a generation that feels the need to let everyone know what we're doing at all times, we need to make sure we got some quality pics rolling out! Because we're Torontonians. And that means that we got some amazing things going on in our life, and don't you deserve a dope pic of an amazing patio?! OF COURSE YOU DO.

Patio season is celebrated like a holiday in the 6ix, why shouldn't it be? We have so many amazing options to choose from. A group chat deciding your plans can quickly turn into a the trial scene straight out of A Few Good Men (YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH.....that The Porch is better!). So we're here to be the middle man to to give all you patio scouters the best places to snap some prized instagrams this szn.

We are going to bring you the best places to hit to get the real #views. The patios that will bring you the best candids (which obviously include a twenty minute set up). And of course the patios that are serving up some of the best decadent meals because in the weird social media world it's only courteous for the phone to eat first.

*Gentle reminder to step out from behind the lens for at least a minute and take in some non-virtual views* 

1. Bluffer's Restaurant // 7 Brimley Road South

For those of you who have made the trek out to the Bluff's there is one thing we can all agree on; it's f*cking stunning. This wrap around Patio gives you the ultimate opportunity to snap every single beautiful water activity/landscape the 'borough has to offer. Nothing says leisurely weekend like an Instagram from a country club-esque patio.

2. Bar Reyna // 158 Cumberland St.

Ever gotten an insta from a low-key chic Mediterranean snack and cocktail bar? If you have it's probably from this Yorkville gem (And if anyone can actually find that combination two times I'm impressed). This is the ideal spot for anyone looking to display their inner artisan with gourmet Mediterranean dishes and chic decor that will surely step up your feed.

3. The Rectory Cafe // 102 Lakeshore Avenue Ward's Island

Unleash your inner nature lover and head over to this beautiful patio on the Toronto Island. You can take some amazing pictures of all the beauty to prove you actually do leave the city sometimes (even if it's not technically out of the city, but you feel me).

4. The Drake Sky Yard // 1150 Queen St W

This patio is the absolute best mix of an elegant, chic, vibrant, hipster patio you'll find in Toronto (maybe even in the world cause this is truly one of a kind). If you don't go for the picture of the decor, go to snap a picture among some of the coolest people in Toronto. The Drake is one of the cities hottest hotel and your sure to always find a great vibe here.

5. Bairrada Churrasqueria // 1000 College Street

You have to let your followers know that you're fun and chill right? This patio is one of the best place to go with your squad catch some beers, the game or spend hours lounging around. Enjoy the natural atmosphere all day long at one of our must visit restaurants.

6. Lee Restaurant // 603 King St. W

With King West being the hub for all night life and entertainment in Toronto, there was no better place to land one of the most exciting (sensually and visually) restaurants in the city. Susur Lee has found a way to bring together Asian and French cuisine in a way that totally not pretentious (but comes with that quality). The vibe on the patio is exactly what we'd expect, nothing short of a journey to another country. Vine lined walls are going to be the perfect backdrop for your next insta.

7. The Pilot Tavern // 22 Cumberland St.

Get ready for your Insta feed to take flight (cringing but yes I had too) when you hit this amazing rooftop patio in Yorkville. For a truly unique patio experience you'll have an infinite number of options when it comes to what anlge you want to capture this sleek and casual patio. Sure you may not be able to go on vacation this summer, but you can just say you were soaking up the journey.

8. Momofuku Daisho // 190 University Ave.

If you haven't heard of the craze that is Momfuku chances are you've been living under not just a rock, but rather a big ass bolder. This is anything but a normal series of chain restaurants and the patio is a true testament to that. Whether it's a picture of the street cred, the vibe, or some of the amazing meals (they're part of Summerlicious!), you're sure to get a winner pic.

9.  Against the Grain Urban Tavern // 25 Dockside Dr.

Close to Sugar Beach means this patio had to be sweet, but we didn't expect it to be this good. It's sleek, casual and will always have you coming back for seconds. Against The Grain is located in the CORUS building, which means you'll have amazing opportunities for some cool photos of architecture and natural scenery of Lake Ontario (because you can't have TOO many selfies in a row, only like 10 right?).

10. El Catrin // 18 Tank House Lane

Transport your self (and all your followers) to a Mexican fiesta with this virbant patio in the Disterilly. It's a must hit not only for their amazing guac, but the amazing decor. It took three Mexican artists almost 100 days to create the mural!

11. Maison Mercer // 15 Mercer St.

C'est chic non? You could use this as your caption at this french nightclub that's anything but a club. Get a refined feel with this cool atmosphere that will make your feed tres chic.

12. The Roof Lounge Park Hyatt  // 4 Avenue Road

Coming in strong with the views and the cocktails, what more could you want in a patio! Filled with the class that the Park Hyatt naturally delivers, you'll feel like an a-lister snapping pics of you and your squad at this unbelievable patio.

14. Paralia // 1681 Lake Shore Blvd East

If you're not coming here for the seafood flown in from the Mediterranean and Aegean Sea, then you're definitely coming for the Grecian palace that is Paralia. You'll feel like you're on the set of Mamma Mia with these vibes. Spacious patio provides all the opportunities you could want for some "candids" or focus on the beautifully crafted meal for your next pic.

15. One Eighty // 55 Bloor St. W

Way up (on the 51st floor) you'll feel blessed with this patio. Go here for a prime pic of modern day living. Which is topped off (of course) with some high class food and sick views that can only be captured from the 51st floor. Lemon Ricotta pancakes to boost your ratio anyone?

16. Union  // 72 Ossington Ave

We know what you're thinking, "I want to post a really cool yet chill photo of an artistic quote to show people that I'm more than just beauty!" We feel you. And that's why we have the cozy and artistic Union patio on our must hit list. It's a sophisticated vibe to counter balance all those wild nights out. Well rounded feed = well rounded life am I right?

17. Mascot Brewery // 31 Mercer St.

It's the bold yet laid back patio you never knew you wanted in your life. It's the perfect place to grab a picture of you and your squad living that urban life. Situated right on top of the Mascot Brewery, the amazing vibes from the Rooftop Beergarden (!!) will definitely transfer to your Instagram.

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