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17 Bucket List Bars You Need To Get Crazy At Around The World

Time to book a ticket somewhere friggen awesome.
17 Bucket List Bars You Need To Get Crazy At Around The World

When planning a vacay, a top priority of yours should be to explore the culture of the place you're visiting. For some that means enjoying a cuisine during a nice lunch and for others it means letting loose at a local bar.

Well we've got you covered for the second answer. The wonders of the world awaits you. After you read our list, you're one step closer to experiencing the best nightlife around the world that you can knock off your bucket-list.

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Check it out...

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1. El Squid Roe // Cabo San Lucas

For all you spring breakers. If you get off a platform at any point during the night, you're doing it wrong.

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2. Eds Bar // Fiji

For all you Island travellers. Experience Nadi's nightlife here.

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3. Calle 62 // Cuba

For all you snackers & salsa dancers. Dance in the street until the early morning.

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4. Teatro Kapital // Madrid

For all you explorers. This bar has multiple levels to venture to.

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5. Pacha // Ibizia

For all you party girls. This is where you need to be.

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6. Red Garter // Italy

For all you karaoke lovers. Mix in a few drinks before you pick up a mic and you're good to go.

7. La Favela // Bali

For all you free-spirits. Nothing better than this.

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8. Het Feest Van Joop // Amsterdam

For all you exchange students. Have the time of your life here.

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9. Hula Hula Bar // Croatia

For all you beach babes. This place is a piece of heaven.

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10. Espit Chupito // Barcelona

For all you shot connoisseurs. SHOTS, SHOTS, SHOTS, SHOTS, SHOTS...EVERYBODY!

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11. Warwick // Los Angeles

For all you posh partiers. Enjoy a few cocktails.

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12. Music on the Rocks // Italy

For all you Italians. Salute!

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13. Utopia // Luang Prabang

For all you backpackers.

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14. Cloud 9 // Fiji

For all you swimmers. Cheers with your friends in the MIDDLE OF THE OCEAN!

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15. K Urban Beach // Portugal

For all you dance-floor girls. Insert "The Best Night Of Your Life."

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16. Augustiner-Bräu München // Germany

For all you beer drinkers.

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17. Bronco Bar // Greece

For all you cavemen, enjoy this bar that is literally in the mountains. OPA!

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