Ah, young, wild, and free love. One of the things that rom coms and the Nicholas Sparks franchise has made it's money off of. However, looking deep into each others eyes for hours for hours on sounds, though sounds romantic (and a tad creepy),can get kind of boring. Toronto couples want to get out in the city and enjoy the amazing events turrona has to offer! AM I RIGHT?!

One problem, Toronto dates can be pricey as fvck. When you're looking to amaze your significant other with a fantastic date in Toronto, that usually comes along with a price tag of at least 100 dollars for some odd tasting menu that's supposed to "win over their heart forever" (formal spelling 4eva).

But the best things in life ARE free, and that includes some unreal dates that don't come with a huge price tag. One of the best things about living in Toronto is the fact that it's a city filled with broke people looking to have a good time. Basically? There's a surplus of options for amazing dates that won't break the bank, and will leave you and your bae with some amazing memories (and extra money for that extra bottle of Rose).

1. Pull a 007 and have martini night at Hey Lucy // Multiple Locations

Every Wednesday night this amazing Pizzeria adds onto it's cool vibe by adding some bond style Martinis for only 5 dollars. Comparing that to the usual cost of 10 dollars plus for a martini in the 6ix, you and you're date (and your wallets) will be feeling fly and fresh.

2. Dance the night away at Harbourfront Centre // 235 Queens Quay West

Every Thursday until September 1st Harbourfront Centre throws some amazing parties featuring a different musical theme every week with Dancing on the Pier! From salsa to jazz, every couple can find something they love, or even better- find something new you both love! Best part? IT'S FREE!

3. Take a romantic stroll through the Allan Gardens Conservatory // 160 Gerrard St. E

Are you in a scene from the Notebook? Maybe, maybe not. But either way you're partner will feel like you walked into a romance novel backdrop with the beautiful flowers and greenery around you. Oh did I mention this is all at the price of ZERO dollars? You're welcome.

4. Take your beer loving bae to a tour of the Mill Street Brew Pub // 21 Tank House Ln.

With FREE tours daily, this is for all the beer loving couples out there. While Toronto is home to some of the best beers in the North, when you struggle to find a pint for under 8$ why not put a different spin on your usual patio date and see how it's actually made?

5. See some ecletic artists and vendors at Kensington Market's Pedestrian Sunday // Kensington Market

Each Sunday Kensington Market closes down their streets to showcase the unique talent hidden in the maze of Kensington. Grab your date and get ready to find new things about the market you may never have known without the added struggle of commuters foiling your date. (Toronto with no cars? That's a unreal date in itself).

6. Hit bars with no cover // See the list here

You know you two will have a real connection if your bae doesn't have to spend the equivalent of half of last months rent to impress you. Get into these unreal bars for free and spend the saved money on some extra drinks when the night gets going!

7. Star Gaze in the city with University of Toronto's Astro Tours // 60 St. George St

Yes, it's possible Toronto, you can stargaze in the city that's sky is 90 pecent smog and 10 percent views. The University of Toronto offers free AstroTours every first Thursday of the month through the Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics. After a cool lecture you and you're date will get a chance to gaze through the telescope at the University and see the sights for yourself. Some would say it's out of this world (see what I did there?).

8. Hit up 50 cent mixed drink Tuesdays at Nirvana // 434 College St.

This college gems not only serves up amazing Asian eats with a surreal patio, it also is the best place to be Tuesday nights if you're down to get 2 drinks for a loonie (and on the real, who's not?).

9. Belly laugh at a comedy show at Absolute Comedy // 2335 Yonge St. Toronto

Absolute Comedy show is one of the most well-known comedy clubs in and out of the city, and for good reasons. Artists wait months just to get featured in one of these shows. And for all couples looking for a great time, why not see some of the up and coming acts on Monday nights for only 5$? Now that's how you spice up a Monday.

10. Explore a different culture together at Aga Khan Museum // 77 Wynford Dr.

Why stick in the Western mindset all the time? Very Eurocentric, very basic a I right? Why not immerse yourself in some seriously interesting and unreal Islamic art, Iranian art and Muslim culture on Wednesday nights when admission to the Aga Khan Museum is free? Broaden your horizons with your partner and get ready for an unforgettable visit.

11. Head to the Horseshoe Tavern to check out the local music scene // 370 Queen St. West

Switch up your top 40 repertoire for some live jams from the best local bands Toronto has to offer. Every Tuesday night you can see some unreal talent for only, oh ya that's right, NOTHING! No cover, no problem.

12. Switch it up from netflix and hit up the Rainbows Cinemas Carlton Cinema // 20 Carlton Street

Another night sitting at home watching the same rom com for the 5th time in a row? Or how about getting adventourous and going out to see a new flick for only 10 dollars. It's the perfect excuse to get dressed up and relive (and hopefully redefine) how you think of your typical movie date.

13. Get your competitive side on and hit up Drake Trivia at The Drake Hotel // 1150 Queen St. West

What's better than some friendly competition at the place where cool got redefined? Nothing too much, espcially when it's only a cover of 2 dollars for a night filled with hilarious questions to test who knows more in the relationship.

14. Go for the ultimate picnic date at the Evergreen Brickworks  // 550 Bayview Ave. #300

Picnic dates are the best way to save money and get on that next romantic level. So why not take it even further to the NEXT level at the Evergreen Brickworks? Here's the play by play. Every weekend the Brickworks has an amazing farmers market filled with everything from sweet to savoury (gourmet fries? Yes please). Stroll through the market with your S.O, grab some great eats, and then take a hike to the lookout spot for an unreal view. You picking up the unforgettable date we're putting down?

15. Get your adrenaline pumping and go rock climbing at Boulderz Climbing Centre // Multiple locations

Some could call it the ultimate trust exercise, we call it the only the date to go to be the ultimate bad ass couple. For under 10 dollars for a day pass you can spend hours here as you race, challenge and help your love on this crazy unconventional date.

16. People watch and pretend to be high rollers on the weekends in Yorkville // Yorkville

Surprisingly one of the cities most posh neighborhoods isn't just limited to the a-listers and people with too much botox. From possible celebrity sightings to tourists roaming the streets you're sure to see something exciting every time you head down there. And why not shake it up a little and head into every shop you know you can't afford (and really who can?) and try on everything that costs more than your rent? Get a laugh out of being divas for the day and create some unforgettable memories with your best friend.

17. Recreate a romance montage and go for a scenic bike ride // One of these unbelievable routes

If you really want to get hollywood, grab a tandem bike and make this straight rom com gold. You'll have an amazing time, and a sporty insta to keep as a great memory.

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