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17 Dive Bars In Toronto To Get You Drunk AF

Get wasted on low.

Going out on a Friday night doesn't always have to be a difficult task where you spend over three hours doing your hair and makeup, only to head down to the same King St. club you normally go to.

If you're feeling for a casual and fun night on the town to get wasted with your girlfriends, then a dive bar is the spot to go. With grungy and basement-like atmospheres, pub fare and cheap drinks, the only dress code at these bars are your oldest pair of blue jeans.

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1. Swan Dive // 1631 Dundas St. W

Here you can get super wasted with your squad over a good ol' game of Connect 4. Their cocktails are awesome and the pool table is free!

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2. Queen Street Warehouse // 232 Queen St. W

This one's a Toronto classic. With crazy drinks like the red eye corona, and a menu consisting of only $5 fare, this is a regular spot for any day of the week.

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3. Wide Open // 139A Spadina Ave.

With cool graphic art on the walls, you'll know you're in a typical Toronto dive bar when you're in here. With super cheap drink specials, including all drinks at $4 on Mondays, it's for the party goers on a budget.

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4. Sweaty Betty's // 13 Ossington Ave.

This spot is complete with a lounge and back patio. They've got a good selection of beer specials and different music genre themed nights!

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5. Done Right Inn // 861 Queen St. W

The Done Right Inn has got a gem of a patio. It is also a dog friendly patio, so you can bring the pupper along while you sip on an IPA.

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6. Lipstick and Dynamite // 992 Queen St. W

Complete with arcade and board games, this spot is great for casual drinks with the besties. They are also open at noon for brunch!

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7. Ronnie's Local 069 // 69 Nassau St.

This dive bar makes you feel right at home. The next best place to get drunk in other than home is a place where everyone makes you feel like you're chillin' back in your house.

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8. Get Well // 1181 Dundas St. W

With a forever rotating selection of beers on tap and by the bottle, this is the dive bar for those willing to switch up the drinks every Friday night. Also home to some cool and vintage decor, it almost feels like a museum at times!

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9. Sneaky Dee's // 431 College St.

What happens when dive bar meets nachos meets dance parties! This place happens! Come for the drinks and the cute themed dance parties, stay for the Mexican grub!

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10. Horseshoe Tavern // 370 Queen St. W

This is the perfect spot to have a couple of drinks, get tipsy and then talk to the cute guitarist from the band that just played. A comfortable and cozy concert venue makes a great place to get wasted!

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11. The Dakota Tavern // 249 Ossington Ave.

If you're looking for drinks, getting drunk and a hell of a country time, this is the dive bar for that! Regularly catch country, fold, indie and rock bands playing while you chug that Jack and Coke!

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12. Ted's Collision and Body Repair // 573 College St.

This place is nothing like what the name suggests. It's more of a body repair to repair your beaten down self with a good drink after a tough day at work. Let loose and order another round of drinks!

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13. Bill Hick's Bar // 946 Queen St E

Open twice a week only, you can only catch this dive bar on Friday's and Saturdays. Complete with a tiki decorated bar and walls covered in posters, it's a super grungy dive bar!

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14. Thirsty and Miserable // 197 Baldwin St.

This place is complete with a list of local beers that are so hip they don't even sound like the names of beers. Come here thirsty, but they'll ensure you don't leave miserable.

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15. The Bar With No Name // 1651 Bloor St W

This nameless bar features karaoke, pub grub and hosts special video game tournaments. If you haven't done drunk karaoke yet, this is the spot for sure!

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16. Unlovable // 1415 Dundas St. W

Super hip, this dive bar is all about the music. Featuring some sick local DJs, this is the place to play drinking games with your friends according to different songs.

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17. Bovine Sex Club // 542 Queen St. W

One of the oldest dive bars in the city, the Bovine Sex Club's name can be quite misleading. Nonetheless it's the spot for the raunchiest dive bar experience, and getting drunk and dancing the night away with your friends only adds to the ratchet shenanigans!