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17 Ontario Groupon Deals You Need To Take Advantage Of This Fall

Groupon is a discount lovers paradise and with Fall comes a new season of activities to try and deals to take advantage of. You can find deals for just about anything from beauty to sporting events; so feel free to try something new, treat your gal pal, or plan a cute date night out for your s/o

The best part is you don't have to stay in Toronto for some of these deals- you can go out and explore so much more! There are tonnes of deals available, these are just a few.

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Things to do

Places to eat/drink

Activities outside Toronto 

Excursions outside of Ontario

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Things to do

100 Aerial Tour of Toronto

Price: $149 // for two people

Why should you go: The perfect deal for couples and offers you a sweet bird's eye view of this fantastic city! You not only get to experience the stunning views of fall with your friend or S/O, but you get to be bougie af while doing so because this deal also comes with champagne for two!


Toronto Harbourfront Cruise

Price: $35-$55 (expiration date varies)

Why should you go: If you're more of a water than air person, then this deal is perfect for you. This cruise takes you around Lake Ontario in true class, while giving you the chance to experience the city from afar. The iconic skyline is ravishing on this cruise as it is, but catch a cruise around sunset to really revel in the beauty of this city!


Legends of Horror 

Price: $30 (offer valid October 3rd to October 11th)

Why should you go: Can't talk about fall activities and not do something spooky! Head over to Casa Loma, and spend some time wandering haunted all and tunnels, and take in the legends that still roam around. Do you dare take in this spooky challenge?


Virtual Reality Experience

Price: $13.50-$29 

Why should you go: Nothing like taking a break from reality in a virtual reality. Live out a whole new life and take in a new atmosphere for an hour or two.


Movie for Two at Imagine Cinemas

Price: $22

Why should you go: You can never go wrong on scoring a deal on a cheap movie theater experience because unlike the glory days of our grandparents, going to the movies is actually really expensive! This deal is ideal for you, plus one, on any day so take advantage. 


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Places to eat & drink

Crepes and Drinks at Krepesz for Two or More

Price: $15-$30 

Why should you go: One of the best locations in the city for crepes! Fresh ingredients paired with European-style coffee, this is a treat for the perfect Sunday Fall afternoon.


Wine and Cheese Tasting

Price: $18-$45 

Why should you go: Fall, wine, and cheese. All three words sound so harmonious together, that all I can say is that it would be a shame for you to skip out on such a solid deal this fall. 


Cocktails and Secret Bars Tour

Price: $138

Why should you go: OK, this is tad expensive, but here me out. This guided tour takes you to the cutest hidden bars in the city and gives you the most bougie experience while trying out various different cocktails from around the world. It is one very unique experience, and certainly well worth trying out!


Cheese Package

Price: $29-$39

Why should you go: This is so random, but if you LOVE cheese, well here you go. With this deal you can get 3 or 5 different cheeses put together for you by the folks at Fifth Town Artisan Cheese, featuring some of the best cheese you will have ever tasted. Honestly, I am going to go buy this right now.


Nickel 9 Distillery Tour

Price: $29-$79

Why should you go: This fine establishment kick started by two brothers brings together local ingredients to brew in house vodka. This personalized tour will take you around the distillery, while getting the chance to sample the vodkas that are made- including their famous apple vodka brew called Northern Temple Vodka.


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Activities outside Toronto

MistRider Zipline (Niagara Falls)

Price: $39.99

Why should you go: What better way to take in the falls, and the Fall colours than zip-lining over top of it all? Might be a little chilly zooming by, but it is worth the cold!


Wine and Cycle Tour (Prince Edward County)

Price: $77.66

Why should you go: You read that right "wine and cycle". This unique tour takes you through a 18 km biking trail, an amazing way to take in the gorgeous fall colours, while making pit stops at 4 different wineries!


Healing Salt Caves (Niagara Falls)

Price: $69 (while supplies last)

Why should you go: This deal is one for the books. The salt caves located in Niagara Falls have a soothing atmosphere which gives way to the relaxing sauna, where you can experience a variety of benefits including relief from arthritic pain, improved circulation, and an overall feeling of wellness.


Horseback Trail Ride (Orillia)

Price: $42-$75

Why should you go: Striking fall colours can be seen on this surreal horseback riding trek. It is certainly the experience of a lifetime that will make you feel so elated once you leave. It is a thrilling, yet relaxing  must-do activity outside of Toronto for the fall.


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Excursions outside of Ontario

Cabo Sans Luca, Mexico

Price: $99/night

Why should you go: As we slowly approach the colder weather, there is no better place to escape to for a week than the beaches of Mexico. Lounge, drink and dance the night away with your friends for some much needed vacation time.


New York City, USA

Price: $69/night

Why should you go: You literally cannot go wrong with escaping Toronto to an even bigger city like New York. With so much to do and see, from Broadway lights to Central Park sites, this getaway is just what you need.


Yosemite View Lodge, USA

Price: $219/4 nights

Why should you go: A break from the hustle and bustle of the city is always a good idea. Head down south to this stunning lodge, unplug and spend some time simply relaxing with the variety of spa pacakges and connecting with the person with you.


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