17 Hilarious MTV Shows We All Wish Were Still On TV

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17 Hilarious MTV Shows We All Wish Were Still On TV

MTV is known for their outrageous and usually over the top reality television, and we cannot deny that it was all pretty addictive.  There is a good chance that a couple of the shows on this list were your mid-2000's guilty pleasure.

Sadly gone are the days of finding your significant other after raiding their teenage bedroom, or throwing the biggest and brattiest sweet sixteen and broadcasting it on international television.  Lucky for us we are still able to look back on some of the most iconic and legendary reality TV shows to grace MTV.

Long live Tila Tequila, and every crazy car from Pimp my Ride. 

1. Tila Tequila Shot At Love

Ah yes, the perfect place to find true love is in a massive mansion while constantly running around in your bikini, thanks for all the pro tips Tila!

2. Room Raiders

When the black light came out you know shit was getting real!

3. Next

The bios for people on this show were everything and more.

4. Viva La Bam

I'm unsure how Bam's family didn't completely disown him, but I'm also very happy they didn't.

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5. Jersey Shore

You know a show is good when Walmart comes out with a clothing line catered towards it.

6. Cribs

Why did they always spend a solid 5 minutes going through their fridge? And why did I care enough to watch?!

7. Pimp My Ride

"Yes I'll take 4 TV and a cotton candy machine in the back seat pls".

9. The Hills

The best part of this show was Justin Bobby. Partially because he wore cowboy boots to the beach, and partially because he was with my ultimate WCW Audrina.

10. Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach is where side bangs and halter tops reached their full potential.

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11. MTV Live

Three words: Beiber my balls.

12. My Life as Liz

AKA Liz friend zones every dude she meets and inspires 14 year old you to dye your hair red.

13. Rob and Big

The main reason why I want a mini horse.

14. My Super Sweet Sixteen

Did it bother anyone else that Aly and AJ were not turning 16 when they were on this show?!

15. Run's House

The fact that the final scene of every episode was Run writing an emotional recap on his blackberry while enjoying a bubble bath was everything I have ever wanted and MORE.

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16. Date My Mom

This show was one of the most cringeworthy shows on television, but also the most addicting.

17. Parental Control

Parental Control was essentially your parent picking who you dated, and it was probably one of the most uncomfortable/ incredible shows on television.

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