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17 Indoor Activities You Can Do Around Toronto If You Hate The Cold

When cold air hits in Toronto, is gives you a chill and the need to bulk up with heavy jackets and lots of layers. This of course, makes it hard for you to do anything outdoors, and deters you from wanting to even go outside.

But if you're looking for something fun to do and hide from the cold weather at the same time, then here's a bunch of thing you can do in Toronto, and make up for all the outdoor activities you've been missing out on!

1. Go on a mission @ Escape Games Canada

Where: 15 Kodiak Cres. Unit 5 // North York

via @vincenttrang

Go on an indoor adventure with your square and break out of an escape room! If horror is your thing there's lots of escape rooms that'll surely give you the creeps!


2. Get competitive @ Snakes and Lattes

Where: 600 Bloor St. W // Mirvish Village

via @snakesandlattes

There's nothing that compares to a nice hot latte on a cold day, but throwing in a fun session of board games surely is a warm and comfortable thing to do on a cold day.


3. Go soaring @ iFly Toronto

Where: 2007 Winston Park Dr. // Oakville

via @tbee0205

Go soaring at new heights inside iFly Toronto, and catch some breeze that surely won't be as cold as the chilly winds outside. This flight simulating experience will make you want to stay indoors!


4. Make it bounce @ Sky Zone Toronto

Where: 45 Esandar Dr #1a // East York

via @skyzone

Jump around at Skyzone! This huge indoor trampoline park offers multiple trampolines to burn your energy indoors and games with a trampoline twist like basketball and dodgeball.


5. Get your game on @ Dave and Buster's

Where: 120 Interchange Way // Concord

via @theresbianca

If you're looking to stay indoors and avoid the cold, arcade games are a great option as it is a gem of an indoor activity. There's probably nothing to do outdoors that compares anyways. Explore Dave and Buster's huge game selection and grab a beer afterwards to cool off from the gaming.


6. Test your strength @ Boulderz Climbing Centre

Where: 1444 Dupont St #16 // The Junction

via @kbaile

Here's an activity that'll totally give you the feel of being outside, except you know that if you fall you'll be held by your harness, and not plummet metres below into a canyon and meet an unfortunate fate. This is clearly the better option, all year around.


7. Bring the outdoors indoors @ Centennial Park Conservatory

Where: 151 Elmcrest Rd. // Etobicoke

via @carmenwaves

The easiest way to experience the wonders of nature indoors! This big conservatory features hundreds of different plant species, and it can be enjoyed all year round, and admission is free!


8. Satisfy your eye for art @ AGO

Where: 317 Dundas St. W // Downtown Core

via @agotoronto

A nice way to hide out from the cold weather is to cozy up inside and admire some art pieces. The AGO offers many different works, from artists around the world, proving that art can take your further than just a simple walk outdoors.


9. Dive, serve & volly @ Beach Blast

Where: 15 Leswyn Rd. // Yorkdale

via @beachblastto

Bring the beach inside at Beach Blast! Here you can play volleyball with your squad on a court that's complete with sand, making it feel like you're actually playing on the beach, even in the cold!


10. Play bubble ball soccer @ AT Bubble Soccer

Where: 1300 Alness St. #3 // Concord

via @atbubblesoccer

Bubble soccer is a great way to stay warm indoors during the colder months and stay active! This game of soccer with a fun twist will have you working up a sweat for sure!


11. Get crafty and creative @ The Clay Room

Where: 279 Danforth Ave. // The Danforth

via @selena_lin_

If you're staying indoors there are two things you might be avoiding: physical activity or cold weather. Or you could be avoiding both, so in that case, a fun but low energy activity like painting cute ceramics could be your ideal activity.


12. Play real life Mario Kart @ 401 Mini Indy

Where: 37 Stoffel Dr. // Toronto

via @evillasagna

Ditch the road and take a spin indoors at 401 Mini Indy. And if go karting isn't your preferred indoor activity they also offer glow in the dark mini golf!


13. Immerse yourself in film @ TIFF Bell Lightbox

Where: 350 King St. W // Entertainment District

via @fsfrancesca

The TIFF Bell Lightbox features a library of thousands of unique feature films and short films and also holds various exhibitions of movie props. A perfect day in for the movie buff trying to beat the cold!


14. Throw some knives @ TKTO 

Where: 6 Curity Ave. #22 // East York

via @torontoknifethrowing

If you're really angry about the colder weather then here's a way to enjoy yourself indoors and take out your frustrations on a target! Knife throwing is fun, thrilling and most importantly, an indoor activity!


15. Geek out with archery tag @ Archery District

Where: 770 Birchmount Rd. #22 // Scarborough

via @archerydistrict

Bring out the squad for fun day indoors at Archery District! You can practice your aim and skill on your friends in a game of tag that's definitely not the tag your played on the playground as a kid. And this time it's indoors, unlike those cold recess games in the fall!


16. Duck, run and shoot during laser tag @ Laser Quest

Where: 1980 Eglinton Ave. E // Scarborough

via @neilangus98

Tag, you're it! Another fun twist on a game of tag that's also indoors, laser tag makes the best of being indoors with glowing lights and many places to hide and duck for cover. At the same time you'll be hiding from the chilly weather!


17. Make it rain paint @ Defcon Paintball Toronto

Where: 3550 Victoria Park Ave. Unit #2-1 // North York

via @ishalynn

A totally classic indoor activity, paintball can be enjoyed at any time of year without the weather getting in the way. You don't ever have to worry about a paintball session getting cancelled due to the weather here, as you'll be kept warm inside, and probably work up a sweat anyways!


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